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Policy Committee Meeting Agenda 2023-06-01

May 16 2023

2023-06-01 Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Information: 

Date: June 1, 2023                                                                    Time: 8:00am   

Attendees via Zoom: Josh Crick (Chair), Barb Smith, Dwayne Spicer, Daryl Frank, Loraine Berry, James MacDonald (ED), Terri Hampson (Staff).

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Meeting ID: 832 9258 7182
Passcode: 711796



  1. Approval of the agenda as presented
  2. Approval of the minutes of April 6, 2023


  1. Section 1:1M - Sick/Personal Days
    Briefing Note: The intent is to remove as much duplication with Alberta Labour Standards as possible and simplify the language.
  1. Section 1:2D - Pandemic Situation
    Briefing Note: A shift from the specific pandemic language to a more comprehensive policy relating to public health emergencies.
  1. Section 1:3J - Internet and Computer Usage
    Briefing Note: The amalgamation of the Spyware and Spam Control Policy.

  2. Section 1:1H - Overtime
    Briefing Note: Removal of everything already covered in Alberta Labour Standards. Shift to a group overtime agreement (template from Alberta Government)

  3. Section 1:1B - Governance
    Briefing Note: Incorporates the Policy Development policy into the governance policy and simplifies the governance language. The removal of Executive Committee term limits that are more stringent than the legislated requirements.

  4. Section 1:1J - Vacation
    Briefing Note: Added language to require the establishment of vacation schedules twice each year. The executive wants a second look at the requirement to use carry-forward vacation before mid-year.

  5. Section 2:1M - Records Retention 
    Briefing Note: Simplifies the language and moves to a digital-first strategy in records retention. The retention schedule also changes.


  1. Section 1:3K - Spyware and Spam Control
    Briefing Note: Amalgamated into the Internet and Computer Use policy

  2. Section 2:1N  - Policy Making
    Briefing Note: Amalgamated into the Governance policy

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