On Reserve On Settlement Funding

The OROS Grant

OROS Grant funding was created to ensure that people living in Indigenous communities in Alberta would have access to the same quality of library service as their non-Indigenous neighbours. This change is long overdue but a positive step towards equal access to service.

Northern Lights Library System offers supports that are available to both Indigenous communities and member libraries. Whether it be through a partnership with an existing library or independently, we aim to support any library initiatives that Indigenous communities believe will benefit them.

Today, a library card is free in most communities. If a fee is charged, the fee will be the same for all library patrons regardless of whether they live in town, county, On-Reserve, or On-Settlement.

Previous projects include:

  • Pop-up library services – through local library partnerships, or run by a paid community member, with support from Northern Lights Library System
  • Take and make activity kits
  • Oral History/Digital Storytelling
  • Reading programs

These are just examples of what has been done in the past; we look to Indigenous communities to lead the way in innovating what library services can be and what they can do.