Technology Lifecycle

What's a Technology Lifecycle?

We help our members manage the complete lifecycle of their computer equipment. We ensure members have the latest software, all of which runs on a robust fibre-optic network delivered by our talented Technology Services and Infrastructure Team. All of that runs on a robust fiber-optic network and all is delivered by our talented Technology Services and Infrastructure Team.
The TSI team keeps the tech running at peak performance and optimizes the NLLS network. Everything has a lifespan, and when a piece of technology becomes obsolete, slow, or frustrating to work with, it can cause more problems than it solves.
It is essential to know when it is time for technology replacement, and the member libraries can rely on the expertise of the TSI team to assists with technology from purchasing to decommissioning. With proper technology management, our members save money and increase productivity by avoiding slow start-ups, software glitches, and technical support needs.
Reliable and upgraded technology, routine maintenance and care, and system upgrades often increase technology’s lifespan. TSI maintains, updates, and disposes of hardware. Our staff assist members in creating and maintaining technology plans that account for the entire lifecycle of equipment. Lifecycle planning saves our members time, money, and ensures their community is getting the best services available.