Technology Services & Infrastructure

How can we help?

Technology Services and Infrastructure (TSI) manages the network of computers, devices, and systems that connect our libraries to the world. TSI follows industry standards and best practices in administering and maintaining the NLLS network. Member libraries can rely on our team to offer technical support, monitor bandwidth, implement firewall protocols, troubleshoot connection issues, and perform software updates, all to minimize downtime.

Online Consultations

We provide online options for meetings when in-person options are unavailable. We strive to provide the tools and training necessary to reach our geographically dispersed members. The use of tools like Teams, Zoom, GoToAssist, and more allows us to consult with our members and resolve issues in a timely manner. Online consultations reduce barriers to our support and increase member engagement.

Site Visits

We also offer on-site support at our member libraries. Our friendly staff visit member libraries to offer in-person technical support, assist with installations, and provide routine computer maintenance.