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NLLS provides access to the third major reading platform: Hoopla, which offers users both 2 instant borrows and 25 flex borrows each month. We also provide access to eResources like:

  • A-Z World Food and Travel
  • NoveList
  • DuoLingo
  • Tumblebooks
  • Deedal Citizenship Tests

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Leap brings the power and functionality of the Polaris ILS to library staff through a browser. Polaris Leap can be used on a desktop, a notebook, or a tablet, freeing staff to connect with patrons and complete tasks wherever it is most convenient – even outside the library walls.

This webinar provides a broad overview of Polaris Leap for libraries considering it for their staff. To learn more, visit:


Public Film Screening

There are several options for members to screen videos in the library.
A Short Guide to Screening Video Media in Your Library


Audio Ciné Inc. provides public performance licences in Canada for many mainstream films. NLLS provides members with the opportunity to sign on for a group discount public performance licence.  Please contact your consultant at NLLS if you wish to join.

Criterion Pictures Canada is another company that provides public performance licences.
NLLS does not have a group discount with Criterion, but individual libraries may choose to purchase one on their own.

REEL CANADA is a non-profit organization that celebrates Canada through film by setting up screenings all over Canada on National Canadian Film Day, April 17, 2019. Many of these screenings can be held at limited or no cost to your library. If your library is interested in participating in NCFD, please contact REEL CANADA to choose films, and then fill in the form to make the request through NLLS.

The Indigenous Film Programme provides screenings of Indigenous films throughout the year. Please contact REEL CANADA to select your films and then fill in the form to make the request through NLLS.

REEL CANADA Full Catalogue  REEL CANADA Indigenous Film Programme


When a patron registers for a new library account online:

  1. A patron record is created.
  2. Polaris issues the patron a temporary barcode that allows the patron to do certain operations online, such as request a hold, but blocks the patron from checking out materials until the new record is verified by staff.
  3. You can also set Polaris to send an automatic notification email to a library staff account. When the notification arrives, staff members can review the registration information and create the library card.

If you would like to register your library for Self-Registration, Click Here



SimplyReports is a web-based application that extracts data from the Polaris database and allows you to create custom reports about patrons, patron accounts, holds, and items. With Polaris SimplyReports, you can produce thousands of different kinds of reports using a simple Web-based interface.

Using SimplyReports does not require in-depth knowledge of the Polaris database or expertise in Structured Query Language (SQL). You define the report criteria (parameters) by selecting the data columns for the report output and applying filters to limit the data.  Once you define the report parameters, you can download the report in a specified file format, or you can save the report parameters and schedule the report to run at a later time.

Getting Started

How do I log into Simply Reports?

How do I run a circulation report?