Executive Committee

Vicky Lefebvre Board Chair City of Cold Lake - auto. seat Expires 2023
Larry Tiedemann Zone 1 Summer Village of Mewatha Beach Expires 2023
Debra McQuinn Zone 2 - Treasurer Town of Elk Point Expires 2022
Cyndy Heslin Zone 3 - Vice-Chair Village of Ryley Expires 2023
Jill McLuckie Zone 4 Village of Mannville Expires 2022
Karen Shaw Officer-at-Large Sturgeon County - auto. seat Expires 2021
Justin Thompson Officer-at-Large Town of Vermilion Expires 2022
Barbara Smith Officer-at-Large Village of Boyle Expires 2022
Jenn Anheliger Officer-at-Large Town of Morinville Expires 2022
Curtis Schoepp Officer-at-Large Summer Village of Island Lake Expires 2023


Grievance Committee

Barbara Smith Zone 1 Expires 2022
Debra McQuinn Zone 2 Expires 2022
Sheila Lupul Zone 3 Expires 2022
Mary Arnold Zone 4 Expires 2022
NLLS Vice Chair 5th Member Expires 2022