Technology Services & Infrastructure

TSI Webpage Content by Aurora Boreanaz

Technology Services and Infrastructure: Excellence in Customer Service and Security

The Northern Lights Library System's Technology Services and Infrastructure (TSI) team is dedicated to providing top-notch technical support and security for our member libraries. Our team manages everything from computers and devices to the network systems that connect them to the world, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Customer Service Excellence

Our TSI team offers friendly, knowledgeable, and innovative support to empower member libraries. With real-time communication and on-demand assistance, we strive to address all requests promptly, usually within 48 hours. In 2023, the TSI team conducted 36% more site visits than the previous year, ensuring personalized and efficient service. We also invested in new remote assistance software, making virtual consultations quicker and easier.

Robust Security Measures

In response to increasing cybersecurity threats, our TSI department has heavily invested in new security initiatives. We implemented Endpoint Response Detection (EDR) software and Deep Freeze to secure our endpoints and user data. Additionally, we introduced a state-of-the-art 24/7 monitored Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, providing round-the-clock network monitoring. These measures, alongside our existing robust security infrastructure, prepare our member libraries for a more secure future .