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Our mission is to provide our members with access to training, tools, and resources that you would expect from a large municipal library while allowing members to enjoy the close-knit small community library and lifestyle.

Book Club in a Bag

Check out our Book Club in a Bag!

Each kit contains ten copies and a book club discussion guide.

Book Club Kits are available to the public and can be borrowed for 6 weeks!

Current Titles include:

  1. Black Buck - Mateo Askaripour
  2. Lost Apothecary - Sarah Penner
  3. What’s Mine and Yours - Naima Coster
  4. Version Zero - David Yoon
  5. Yellow Wife - Sadeqa Johnson
  6. Rose Code - Kate Quinn
  7. Four Winds - Kristin Hannah
  8. Braiding Sweet Grass - Robin Wall Kimmerer
  9. Of Women & Salt - Gabriela Garcia
  10. The Boys in the Boat - Daniel James Brown

Digital Resources

Through NLLS, member libraries have access to a wide range of digital resources for reading, watching, listening, and learning. We provide the following insights and supports for our digital resources:

Policy Development

Policies are created for organizations to establish expectations and provide guidance on how to handle situations consistently. Organizational policies help maintain order, ensure fair and equal treatment of employees, provide direction, and allow the employee to understand expectations.

NLLS can assist with identifying the need for a policy, determining policy content, and guide stakeholders on how to communicate a new policy properly.

Programming Support

NLLS offers member libraries support for their weekly, monthly, and annual programs, including:

Centralized planning of Winter and Summer Reading programs, sponsorship support, and funding for prizes, program materials, and performers.

Members have the option to participate in a system-wide programming team that develops and shares program ideas and resources for the entire system. This team reduces the individual workload of programmers across the system and helps to spread great ideas.

Members can also bolster their local programming resources by borrowing our STEAM and Storytime kits.

How to Request a Kit or Block

Training and Education

We offer a variety of professional development and training opportunities to our member libraries.

These opportunities include:

  • Annual NLLS Conference
  • Annual Webinar Series
  • Facilitate training from our partners like the Public Library Services Branch
  • Gale and Great Courses subscriptions
  • Group rates for external training (FOIP, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, OH&S, and others)
  • LinkedIn Learning Database access
  • Manager orientation and technology training
  • Niche Academy video training
  • One-on-one training on a variety of topics

Weekly Webinars