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2023-05-26 Annual General Meeting of the Board - Agenda

May 17 2023

Northern Lights Library System Board

Regular Meeting

Northern Lights Library System

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10:00 AM Friday, May 26, 2023

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Meeting ID: 912 878 2619
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General Board Mtg Full Package


Mission: Bringing the world to our communities by collaboratively providing efficient, effective, and exceptional library service.

Advocacy Slogan: Libraries Value Beyond Words

Chair Contact Information: Vicky Lefebvre  (780) 573-1926

  1. Call to order [10:00 am]

  2. Acknowledgement of Treaty 6 and Land of the Metis:

Northern Lights Library System respectfully acknowledges that the land on which we gather is Treaty 6 territory and a traditional meeting ground and home for many Indigenous Peoples, including Cree, Saulteaux, Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, and Nakota Sioux Peoples.

  1. Quorum

  2. Adoption of Agenda

  3. Minutes of the February 24, 2023 General Board Meeting

For Information

  1. Chairperson’s Report – Vicky Lefebvre

  2. Library Manager's Council (LMC) report, Jodi Dahlgren

  3. Alberta Library Trustee Association (ALTA) report – Jennifer Anheliger

  4. Financial Report - James MacDonald

For Decision

  1. Population and Levy Discussion
    Briefing note: The town of Vermilion (among others) has expressed concern about using the same population figures used by the province to calculate the grant and the NLLS levy. They've asked that the Board revisit the population figures discussion and consider using the most up-to-date population figures available. other systems do this and have language in their agreements, such as Chinook Arch:

    Chinook Arch agreement language:
    "The population of a municipality that is a Party to this Agreement shall be deemed to be the most recent official estimate of the population for the municipality published by the Government of Alberta for the fiscal year prior to the fiscal year in which the levy is made"

    Having spoken with system directors following this model, we’ve learned it is not without problems. The province, for example, published 2021 numbers only to retract them a few months later, leading to confusion amongst system members. Using the latest numbers does not allow a municipality time to lodge disputes with provincial estimates.

    This spreadsheet shows the effect of using various population figures on NLLS revenues.

    Using the 2021 Federal census would reduce the population by 3,366 people ($35,658.38). This is a 2% budget reduction. Using the federal census would come with the benefit of 4-year stability. However, it would likely lead to complaints in later years when figures do not keep up with rapidly changing populations.

    Using the 2021 Alberta Treasury Board numbers would reduce the population by 1,576 people ($16,662.78). This is about a 1% budget reduction.

    We can amend our agreement with a vote of 2 thirds of the board. 

  2. Provincial Grant Increase
    Briefing Note: The province announced an increase in library funding on March 1st. You can read the letter from Minister Schulz for more details. This change includes a move from the 2016 population to the 2019 population. We need to make several choices as a result.

    For greater details, see this expanded briefing note.

    We have at least 3 options:

    1) Continue with the approved budget based on the 2016 population numbers and charge levies accordingly. This is potentially outside the agreement and could be contentious. However, it is the least disruptive to budgets.

    Option 1 is the recommendation of the Executive Committee. 

    2) Stick to the letter of the agreement and change to the 2019 population numbers. This is likely to be contentious and the most disruptive. It would require cutting checks to those that have already paid and billing those whose populations went up. There are a few strong advocates for this approach. A switch mid-budget may assist some library boards whose populations fall. Cold Lake makes a good example as the municipality whose population falls the most in absolute numbers (775).

    3) Charge levies in 2023 on the lesser population between 2019 and 2016. This would largely wipe out the gains in provincial funding for the system in 2023. However, it would likely be the least contentious

  3. Policies

    Briefing Note: Given the size of our board and the lengthy process of development and approval, policies are voted upon at the general board meetings as an omnibus motion. Board members may make a motion to remove 1 or more policies from the omnibus motion for individual vote. Policy changes will not be entertained at the general board meeting. Policies are either accepted or rejected by the general board. Rejected policies are returned to the Policy Committee for further review and work where appropriate.

    Briefing note: The policy committee met on April 6th, 2023. See the minutes from that meeting.


    Section 4:1B - Loan of Resource Policy
    Briefing Note: Added policy language to require staff to check materials out before taking them from library premises, require proof of address to issue a library card, and clarify renewals and extended loan periods. Some grammar updates.

    Section 1:3R - Executive Director Grievance
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.

    Section 1:3Q - Grievances
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.

    Section 1:1P - Performance Management
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.

    Section 1:1O - Long Standing Service Awards
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.

    Section 1:1F - Reduction and Termination
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.

    Section 2:1P - Communication Protocol - NLLS Board
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.

    Section 1:1E - Probationary Periods
    Briefing Note: Grammar and simplification of text.


    Section 1:3N - Outside Computers
    Briefing Note:
     This policy was incorporated into the Staff Network Policy Section 1:3Z and is, therefore, redundant.

Draft Motion: move to accept all the proposed policy changes, additions, and deletions as an omnibus package.

Draft Motion: move to remove the “X” policy from the omnibus motion for further discussion and individual vote.


Current Executive

  1. Vicky Lefebvre, Chair (City of Cold Lake) Auto-seat
  2. Jennifer Anheligher, Vice-Chair (Town of Morinville) Officer-at-large
  3. Larry Tiedemann, Treasurer (Summer Village of Mewatha Beach) Zone 1
  4. Maxine Fodness, (St. Paul County) Zone 2
  5. Dwayne Spicer, (Town of Redwater) Zone 3
  6. Leslie Cusack, (County of Vermilion River) Zone 4
  7. Matthew McLennan (Sturgeon County) Auto-seat
  8. Josh Crick (MD Bonnyville) Officer-at-large
  9. Barbara Smith (Town of Boyle) Officer-at-larger
  10. Curtis Schoepp (Summer Villages) Officer-at-large

Bolded positions are at the end of their term.

Consecutive Terms

Board members may serve on the Executive Committee for up to two consecutive terms. Terms are two years. They may serve additional terms with 2/3rds approval of the board. Larry Tiedemann has served on the Executive Committee for 2 consecutive terms and is seeking potential reappointment.

DRAFT MOTION: XXXX moves that Larry Tiedemann be permitted to serve an additional term on the Executive Committee if so elected.

Election of Board Chair

The following individuals have been nominated for the position of Board Chair before the meeting:

  1. Larry Tiedemann, self-nominated (The Town of Tofield, and the Summer Village of Mewatha Beach)
  2. Jennifer Anheligher, self-nominated (The town of Morinville)

Self-nominations are encouraged.

1st call for nominations (30 seconds)

2nd call for nominations (30 seconds)

3rd call for nominations (30 seconds)

DRAFT MOTION: XXXX moves that nominations for the position of Board Chair cease.

Candidates are allowed 3 minutes to introduce themselves and speak about their vision for the Library System. Candidates will speak in order of nomination.

  1. Larry Tiedemann
  2. Jennifer Anheligher


Election of Zone 1 Representative

The following representatives are eligible for service as the Zone 1 representative:

  1. Kelly Chamzuk (Athabasca County)
  2. Linda Fenerty (Smoky Lake County)
  3. Janine Paly (Thorhild County)
  4. Edith Yuill (Town of Athabasca)
  5. Amy Cherniwchan (Town of Smoky Lake)
  6. Barbara Smith (Village of Boyle - Already an Officer-at-large)
  7. Leroy Kunyk (Village of Vilna)
  8. Tyson Berlinguette (Village of Waskatenau)
  9. Edwin Tomaszyk (Summer Village of Bondiss)
  10. Curtis Schoepp (Summer Villages of Island Lake, Island Lake South, Sunset Beach, Whispering Hills, West and South Baptiste) Currently Serving
  11. Larry Tiedemann (Summer Village of Mewatha Beach) Currently Serving

1st call for nominations (30 seconds)

2nd call for nominations (30 seconds)

3rd call for nominations (30 seconds)

DRAFT MOTION: XXXX moves that nominations for the position of Zone 1 representative cease.


Election of Zone 3 Representative

The following representatives are eligible for service as the Zone 3 representative:

  1. Barry Bruce (Beaver County)
  2. Daniel Warawa (Lamont County)
  3. Tanya May (Town of Bon Accord)
  4. Len Falardeau (Town of Bruderheim)
  5. Loraine Berry (Town of Gibbons)
  6. Colleen Holowaychuck (Town of Lamont)
  7. Jennifer Anheligher (Town of Morinville - already a member-at-large)
  8. Sandra Nicholson (Town of Mundare)
  9. Dwayne Spicer (Town of Redwater) Currently serving
  10. Larry Tiedemann (Town of Tofield)
  11. Barry Goertz (Village of Andrew)
  12. Travis Schiewe (Village of Holden)
  13. Lyndie Nickel (Village of Ryley)
  14. Cindy Lefsrud (Town of Viking)

1st call for nominations (30 seconds)

2nd call for nominations (30 seconds)

3rd call for nominations (30 seconds)

DRAFT MOTION: XXXX moves that nominations for the position of Zone 3 representative cease.


The number and type of officer-at-large positions will be made available in the following order:

  • Officer-at-large Indigenous
  • Officer-at-large Summer Village
  • Officer-at-large (Josh Crick currently serving)

Officers at large positions will follow the same format of calls for nominations as Zone Representatives.

  1. Next Meetings
    Friday, August 25, 2023 (ONLINE) 10 am
    Friday, November 24, 2023 (IN-PERSON & ONLINE) 10 am

    Executive Committee
    Friday, Jun 9, 2023, at 10:00 am - in Morinville (online option available)

    Policy Committee
    Thursday, Jun 1, 2023, at 8 am (online)
  2. Adjournment

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