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2023-08-11 Executive Meeting Agenda

July 31 2023

Meeting AGENDA- Executive Committee Meeting

A full PDF Package of the meeting is available at this link.

Meeting Information

Date: August 11, 2023
Location: Tofield Public Library

Attendees: Jen Anheliger (Chair), Dwayne Spicer (Vice-Chair), Larry Tiedemann (Treasurer), Barbara Smith, Maxine Fodness, Josh Crick, Kelly Chamzuk, Bill Parker, Vicky Lefebvre, Leslie Cusack, Matthew McLennan

Guests: Jodi Dahlgren (LMC Chair), Sydney Baxter (Manager Tofield Public Library)


Staff: James MacDonald, Terri Hampson


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Meeting ID: 912 878 2619

Passcode: Executive


Land Acknowledgment

As the collective stewards of this land, Morinville Community library strives to honour our commitment to uphold the spirit of collaboration and friendship as intended by Treaty 6. It is our pledge to learn form the past and to follow a shared path forward with those who walked these lands since time immemorial for as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the river flows.

1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Approval of previous minutes of June 9th.

3. Reports 

3.1 Executive Director's Report

3.2 Financial Report: Budget Vs. Actuals

Briefing note: Budget lines over by 10%. (Computer Server Infrastructure 6114 & Computer Software 6121) This is the result of last year's late decision to adopt Deepfreeze and is an anticipated overage. The OROS expenditures are also over by 10% and anticipated as we draw down the reserve in that area.

6616 shows a negative budget line. This is an adjustment by the auditor from 2020. We understand that a membership fee was inadvertently charged twice that year.

Library levies are nearly all paid. 

4. Indigenous Advisory Circle

Briefing Notes: Introductions of those in attendance. Discussion of the role of the IAC. Q&A regarding funding and establishment of library services in Indigenous communities.

Elizabeth Métis Settlement hired two people with the funds we provided through the OROS grant. The province met with them on July 31st regarding the establishment of a library board. They may have a board in place this fall. We are working with Bell to get quotes for the province on establishing a Supernet connection at the seniors centre where they plan to house the library. Things are moving quickly here.

Cold Lake Public Library requests funding for board books to be distributed at pop-up services in Elizabeth Settlement and Cold Lake First Nation.

We have been investigating a new website for residents of reserves and settlements. The concept is to produce a simple and clean method to identify nearby library services and enhance the online registration process with participating libraries. We would launch this site in conjunction with radio advertising. Seeking feedback from the Indigenous Advisory Circle. 

Our Stronger Together conference is coming up in November. We want to send any IAC members interested in attending. This could be a cost borne by our OROS budget. Jessie Morris has provided a proposal that includes potential costs. 

5. Happiness Project

Briefing Note: The Happiness Project (also called the Happiness Programme in the UK) is a first-of-its-kind activities service that blends interactive, sensory light technology with a structured and guided programme of training and support. The activities are based around a growing collection of interactive light games, proven effective for people with cognitive challenges, from painting pictures and brushing leaves to popping bubbles and playing tennis. The result is the UK’s best magic table projector, providing the very best sensory activities available and a great piece of tech for all ages and abilities to enjoy together.

The device is available through The Alberta Library. Pricing is yet to be determined. Danielle Nauss is here to demo the product. 

Library Tour and Lunch 12 - 12:45

6. Public Computers and Microsoft Offices Licenses

Briefing Note: As we've rolled out Deepfreeze on all the public computers in the system, we've been upgrading everyone to Office 2019. We were under the impression that we had more than enough licenses to accommodate everyone. Our Microsoft Admin Centre registers 575. We've learned that this number is our MAK activations, which is the number of activations we're licensed to, not the actual number of licenses we're permitted to activate simultaneously.  We actually only have 50 Office 2019 licenses, all bought in 2018. We need about 225 licenses.

We do not have easily retrievable records indicating which libraries purchased 2019 licenses and which did not. The latest Office software is the 2021 version.

The system purchased 2013 Office licenses for everyone and then discontinued that practice. My understanding is that we got an exceptional deal on that software.

  • The libraries be asked to purchase new Office 2021 licenses (the best rate is $155/computer)
    • This would require us to do some archeological work to determine who has bought 2016/19 licenses already.
    • This will certainly lead to libraries choosing to have various versions of software 2013/16/19/21
    • This option increases security risks and workload on our TSI staff
  • We purchase 2021 licenses for all libraries at the system level. The cost is approximately ~$35,000  
    • Most secure way forward
    • Will reduce trouble tickets for TSI and make management easier
    • A savings for each library
    • The perpetual license should be good for 3-5 years before an upgrade is needed. 
    • We will be setting a precedent that NLLS pays for this type of licensing (that can be positive)

7. Draft Budget

Briefing Note: This is a first look at the budget for 2024 and the presentation that will be made to the Board on August 25th. Link to presentation | Link to draft budget

8. Stronger Together Conference

Briefing Note: In the past, we have sent members of the Executive to the Alberta Library Conference. We budget for Board professional development each year. The Executive should consider sending a couple of Executive members to the conference.  

9. In-Camera Personnel – standing performance evaluation discussion.

10. Next Meetings

General Board
Friday, August 25, 2023 (IN-PERSON) 10 am
Friday, November 24, 2023 (ONLINE) 10 am

Executive Committee
Friday, October 13, 2023, at 10:00 am - in Cold Lake (online option available)

Policy Committee

11. Adjournment

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