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Jennifer Anheligher - Candidate for Board Chair

May 3 2023
Jennifer Anheligher
Jennifer Anheligher

I am putting my name forward for the role of Board Chair of the Northern Lights Library System. I am prepared to expand the scope of my responsibilities on the NLLS board and be able to contribute and collaborate with the executive board through its current undertakings. I remain committed to the mission of NLLS to work together to provide efficient, effective, and exceptional library services.

I have a great deal of board experience at the executive level, including being Chair of the Town of Morinville Library Board and the Alberta Library Trustees Association (which serves 2500 library trustees across the province) and several non-library-related organizations. I collaborate well with colleagues and stakeholders and am strongly skilled in building relationships. My experience with planning and assisting other organizations through the strategic planning process equips me with useful skills needed as Northern Lights undertakes the process of building a new Plan of Service. 

I am dedicated to the library community and feel my contribution as Board Chair will be a great asset to the continued success of Northern Lights. I have a flexible schedule to be able to accommodate the time needed to focus on matters required for the role, with a strong professional background in finance, including managing and preparing budgets and comprehensive experience in developing policy. I also have experience in recruiting professionals and performing regular evaluations of high-level staff. 

I am well versed in library legislation and maintain strong professional relationships with Public Library Services Branch, The Alberta Library and other systems boards and their executive members. Libraries are built on collaboration, and strong relationships between provincial systems, partners, and stakeholders are vital to providing member libraries with exemplary service. My relationships with library trustees, library professionals, and the local council ensure that I am up to date on information relevant to library services which would be a great asset to the board in contributing to the discussion on pertinent decisions.

I am invested in NLLS continuing to serve and support library services within the region and ensuring all members and their municipalities are well served. As the scope of library service has changed along with a changing economy, I am well prepared to lead Northern Lights and empower its staff and trustees to charter NLLS through its next stages of growth in a way that ensures the efficiency of our organization is well aligned with providing the best value it can to its members. We must continue to collaborate to ensure the success of NLLS and all members, and my contribution as board chair will serve to aid in achieving this. 

Thank you for considering me for this position, and I look forward to working with the Northern Lights Library System Board in every capacity.

Jennifer Anheliger   

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