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26-04-2024 LMC Executive Meeting

April 15 2024

LMC Executive Meeting Agenda

April 26, 2024

Newbrook Library

Attendees: Jodi Dahlgren, Tracy Woloshyniuk, Nicole Labrie, Maureen Penn, Stuart Pauls, James MacDonald


  1. TRAC Advisory Meeting - June 4th

  2. NLLS 2025 Budget with projections through 2027

  3. Policy discussion. Section 1:3X Information Technology - Member Libraries
    Briefing Note: Outlines the appropriate use of technology connected to the NLLS network at member libraries. This policy is required for cyber insurance compliance.

  4. Recording LMC meetings

  5. Princh Wireless Printing

  6. GoLibrary Follow-up https://golibrary.ca

  7. PowerBI (multiple accounts)

  8. Library Membership Cards

  9. 2023 Annual Survey Report - Spin the wheel of names for incentive winner.
    Briefing Note: The survey was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the progress made since the previous survey. The report also provides several recommendations for further improvement.

  10. Discussion on changes to the Libraries Act.

  11. Update on licensing issue with Microsoft Office - Discussion on the future of Office products.

  12. Next Meeting.
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