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2024-05-24 Indigenous Advisory Circle Meeting Agenda

April 15 2024

Indigenous Advisory Circle Meeting Agenda

May 24, 2024

Stanley Milner Library - Edmonton

Attendees: Verna Arcand (Alexander First Nation), Katie Blair (Beaver Lake Cree Nation), Archie Handel (Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement), (Cold Lake First Nation), Kathy Lepine (Elizabeth Métis Settlement), Susanne Calliou (Fishing Lake Métis Settlement), Mary Jane Quinney (Frog Lake First Nation), Jenny Ladouceur (Heart Lake), Donna Badger (Kehewin Cree Nation), Laurie Thompson (Kikino Métis Settlement), Maureen C. (Saddle Lake Cree Nation), Sharon Jackson (Whitefish Lake - Blue Quills). James MacDonald (NLLS), Jessie Moriss (NLLS).

1 PM Start

  1. Library Tour: Meet at the Discovery Wall (main floor of Stanley Milner Library).

    2 pm - Thunderbird House Meeting Room @ Stanley Milner Library

  2. Brief Introductions

  3. Overview of NLLS services, programs, policies
  4. Ongoing development of our current services
    1. Fall day of conversation 
    2. Governance meetings
  5. Wellness Break
  6. Roundtable - what is happening in your communities

  7. Go Library Website
    Briefing Note: Discussion on the impact and representation of Indigenous communities and the challenge of identification for full library memberships.

  8. On Reserve On Settlement Grant overview

  9. Next Meeting 
  10. Adjourn to dinner at 5 pm. 


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