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2024-04-05 Policy Committee Meeting Agenda

March 28 2024

2024-04-05 Policy Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting Information: 

Date: April 5, 2024                                                                    Time: 8:00 am   

Attendees via Zoom: Josh Crick (Chair), Barb Smith, Dwayne Spicer, Daryl Frank, Loraine Berry, James MacDonald (ED)

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Meeting ID: 912 878 2619
Passcode: Executive




1. Approval of the agenda as presented

2. Approval of the minutes of February 2, 2024 minutes


3. Section 1:1C Driver Safety and Service
Briefing Note: Provides a quarterly bonus to contract drivers when defined safety and service standards are met.

4. Section 1:3X Information Technology - Member Libraries
Briefing Note: Outlines the appropriate use of technology connected to the NLLS network at member libraries. This policy is required for cyber insurance compliance.

5. Section 3:1L Long-term Office Rentals
Briefing Note: Sets guidelines for long-term rentals or leases of NLLS-owned properties.


  1. Section  2:1C Governance Style of the Board and TOR Procedural Policy
    Briefing Note: Combines the Governance Style of the Board policy (2:1C) and the Terms of Reference: Procedural Policy of the Board. 2:1C becomes the preamble to the procedural policy. The policy is renamed to "Board Procedural Policy." Consider changing this from a TOR to policy 2:1C. Besides changes to grammar and punctuation, changes were made to better define quorum, rules regarding virtual participation in meetings, and changes to voting on motions made by email. 

  2. Section 2:1E Executive Committee and 2:1O Election of Executive Committee
    Briefing Note: Combines 2:1E Executive Committee and 2:1O Election of Executive Committee under one policy called "Executive Committee." Besides grammar and punctuation, clarity was provided on the population used to determine auto-seats and what happens when an auto-seat is vacated prematurely. Added a requirement to obtain legal counsel on the dismissal of an ED (for compliance with insurance).

  3. Section 4:1A Collection Development 
    Briefing Note: This came up during the regular review. We tightened the language and simplified it for clarity.


  1. Section Sec 2:1O
    Briefing Note: Combine with Sec 2:1E

  2. Section Sec 2:1C
    Briefing Note: Combine with TOR Procedural Policy

  3. Next Meeting May 31, 2024



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