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2023-11-24 Board Meeting Minutes DRAFT

October 18 2023

2023-11-24 Board Meeting Minutes-Draft

2023-11-24 Annual General Meeting of the Board

Northern Lights Library System Board

Regular Meeting

Northern Lights Library System


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Meeting ID: 912 878 2619
Passcode: Executive

10:00 AM Friday, November 24, 2023

General Board Mtg Full Package 


Mission: Bringing the world to our communities by collaboratively providing efficient, effective, and exceptional library service.

Advocacy Slogan: Libraries: Value Beyond Words

Chair Contact Information: Jennifer Anheliger | jennifer.anheliger@morinville.ca

  1. Call to order & Quorum (31) 10:01am called to order by Dwayne Spicer.

Board Attendance


  1. Acknowledgement of Treaty 6 and Land of the Metis:

Northern Lights Library System respectfully acknowledges that the land on which we gather is Treaty 6 territory and a traditional meeting ground and home for many Indigenous Peoples, including Cree, Saulteaux, Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, and Nakota Sioux Peoples.

  1. Approval of the Agenda

M1. Barbara Smith motions to approve the agenda as amended, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Approval of the minutes of August 25, 2023

M2. Karl Hauch motions to approve the Minutes of August 25, 2023 as amended/presented, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Policies

Briefing Note: Given the size of our board and the lengthy process of development and approval, policies are voted upon at the general board meetings as an omnibus motion. Board members may make a motion to remove 1 or more policies from the omnibus motion for individual vote. Policy changes will not be entertained at the general board meeting. Policies are either accepted or rejected by the general board. Rejected policies are returned to the Policy Committee for further review and work where appropriate.


Section 3:1Q - Electronic Fund Transfers
Briefing Note: This policy establishes EFT as the preferred payment method of NLLS. It requires a second staff member to verify changes in EFT information. This change is to prevent instances of fraud. Discussion was had on the privacy implications of the policy and the procedural elements. Changes made to require that written and verbal confirmation be obtained.

Section 1:1U - Equal Opportunity Employer
Briefing Note: This policy came up in the regular course of review. Language added that aligns with the Canadian Human Rights Act. Clarifies that the system discriminates solely on the basis of merit.

Section TOR - Plan of Service Committee
Briefing Note: Grammatical corrections and simplified language. Change to the Chair and vice-chair being defacto members of the committee.

Section 4:1C - Confidentiality of User Records
Briefing Note: mostly grammar and simplification of text. We’ve added wording allowing the use of digital forms of consent – not just written consent

Section 1:1B - Compensation
Briefing Note: Mostly grammar and formatting for consistency and clarity. Some slight changes: move from an annual grid review to every three years. Tied the step increase to the fiscal year after the first year of employment, clarified the need for change in job classification to move levels.

Section 1:3A - Code of Ethics (future employee outside of work)
Briefing Note: Removed the section on Pandemic Illnesses otherwise, grammar and language simplification.

Section 2:1B - Governance and Policy Development
Briefing Note: Amalgamated the "Policy Statements" policy into this policy.

Section 3:1I - Request for Purchase
Briefing Note: Changes to simplify language and improve grammar. Change to establish that price is not the controlling factor in the purchase of library materials (vendors, quality, processes, etc., matter).

Section TOR - Advocacy Committee
Briefing Note: Simplified the language and improved grammar.


M3.Jennifer Johnson motions to accept the new and updated policies as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

Section 2:1A - Policy Statements

Briefing Note: Combined with the Governance and Policy Development policy – redundant

M4. Vicky Lefebvre motions to delete the policy statement 2.1A as presented as redundant, all in favor, motion carried.

Board Development Moment

For Decision

  1. 2024 Budget 

Briefing Note: At our August meeting, we passed the 2024 budget in principle. This is our sober second look. 16 municipalities have sent formal approvals of our proposed 1.5% increase in advance of today's vote. We've had no objections. We pass the budget annually in November. Link to presentation | Link to draft budget

M5. Larry Tiedeman motions to approve the budget as presented, Kelly Chamzuk seconds, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Plan of Service / Implementation Plan

Briefing Note: The Plan of Service for 2023-26 was developed through significant consultation with all stakeholders. A system-wide survey was conducted at the end of 2022, and a communications audit was conducted in early 2023. The plan of service committee met in July for a multi-day discussion. That committee included library manager representatives from various-sized communities. The plan was presented to the Library Managers Council for feedback, and the Executive Committee reviewed it in October. The Executive Committee recommends the adoption of this plan. 

M6 Loraine Berry motions to accept the NLLS Plan of Service 2024-2026 as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

The 2024 Implementation Plan  is now available in conjunction with the Plan of Service. A webinar was held with library managers that outlined the plan. That webinar was recorded and sent to the board through our weekly reports. You can view the webinar here.

M7. Lyndie Knockleby motions to accept the 2024 NLLS Implementation Plan, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Alberta Library Trustee Association (ALTA) report –Jennifer Anheliger

M8. Norm Noel motions to approve the ALTA report as information, all in favor, motion carried.

 9. Library Managers Council report - Jodi Dahlgren

M9. Karl Hauch motions to approve the ALTA report as information, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Budget Vs. Actuals & Financial Management Report - James MacDonald

Briefing note: We are very close to budget. A few budget lines are overspent and identified in the Budget Vs. Actuals file.

   6083 OROS Exp offsets 5.60

This is a planned overage and is drawing on the OROS reserve that was built up during the pandemic.

   6114 Computer Software (TSI)

At the end of 2022 (after budgets were set), the Board chose to implement Deepfreeze

   6121 Network Security (TSI)

This overage reflects the Office 2021 emergent issue - licenses were purchased for all libraries.

   6502 Committee Meetings

The Plan of Service Committee is reflected here - the overage is covered by savings in other governance lines 

   6702 Building Maintenance

There were a number of unplanned/unforeseen building maintenance needs this year (i.e. security alarm replacement).

M10. Larry Tiedemann motions to approve the financial report as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

Insurance comparison between AB Munis and RMA to be looked at.

  1. Next Meetings

Briefing note: we'd like to set the 2024 meeting schedule. There have been several requests from board members to move the meetings to Saturdays. Historically, the meetings have been held the last weekend in February, May, August, and November.

2024 BOARD Meeting Schedule

  • February 23th (Friday) 10 am (online)
  • May 24th (AGM Friday) 10 am (In person with online option)
  • August 23rd (Friday) 10 am (In person with online option)
  • November 29th (Friday) 10 am (online)

         Next Executive Committee Meeting
         Friday, December 8, 2023, at 9:00 am - in Elk Point (online option available)

  1. Adjournment.

M11. Jennifer Johnstone motions to adjourn at 11:24am.

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