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2023-10-13 Executive Meeting Agenda

August 30 2023

Meeting Agenda- Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting Information

Date: October 13, 2023
Location: Cold Lake Public Library

Attendees: Dwayne Spicer (Vice-Chair), Larry Tiedemann (Treasurer), Barbara Smith, Maxine Fodness, Vicky Lefebvre, Leslie Cusack, Matthew McLennan, Josh Crick

Regrets: Jen Anheliger (Chair), Kelly Chamzuk

Guests: Jodi Dahlgren (LMC Chair), Leslie Price (Director Cold Lake Public Library)

Staff: James MacDonald, Terri Hampson

Full Meeting Pkg Here

Land Acknowledgment - Cold Lake Public Library

We acknowledge that we are located on Treaty 6 territory, traditional lands of First Nations and Métis people, whose presence continues to enrich our vibrant community.

1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Approval of previous minutes of August 11, 2023.

3. Reports 

Financial Report & Budget Vs. Actuals

Briefing note: Budget lines over by 10%. (Computer Server Infrastructure 6114 & Computer Software 6121) This is the result of last year's late decision to adopt Deepfreeze and is an anticipated overage. The OROS expenditures are also over by 10% and anticipated as we draw down the reserve in that area.

6616 shows a negative budget line. This is an adjustment by the auditor from 2020. We understand that a membership fee was inadvertently charged twice that year.

Still waiting on library levies from: 

4. Mandatory Library Trustee Training

Briefing Note: Shortgrass Library System Board recently wrote the PLSB requesting that they consider mandatory training as a requirement for trustee service. Discuss the practicalities of this and whether the Board should communicate to PLSB our thoughts in this area.

5. December 8th meeting and holiday party

Briefing Note: The December 8th Executive meeting will be held at headquarters. We are planning a holiday party with the staff. The celebration will begin at 5 pm in the Allied Arts Centre. We will enjoy a dinner with all the staff. Managers will give a brief overview of the accomplishments of their department throughout the year. We will celebrate individual staff achievements. 

6. Myrnam Library Board

Briefing Note: We received the following email from the village of Myrnam on September 14th.

Good morning James,

The Village of Myrnam has been actively seeking out volunteers to form the creation of a municipal library board over the last four months. We have advertised in our monthly newsletter, our website, and the Village of Myrnam – Events and Public Notices Facebook page.

Therefore, the Village of Myrnam Council made the following motion at their Regular Council meeting this morning:

* that due to the lack of interest of persons to form a library board, and that the library operates functionally without a municipal library board, the Village will not pursue the creation of a municipal library board at this time.

Elsie Kiziak
Chief Administrative Officer

The NLLS Board is the board for the library service point in Myrnam. Operating service points present a number of liabilities and obligations the board should be fully aware of. This executive briefing on the NLLS service point in Myrnam outlines the issues at hand.

As some of this discussion will deal with specific personnel, an in-camera meeting will be required here.

Library Tour and Lunch 12 - 12:45

7. Plan of Service / Implementation Plan - DRAFTS

Briefing Note: The Plan of Service for 2023-26 was developed through significant consultation with all stakeholders. This plan is a draft that has been brought forward to the LMC, and after discussion here, we hope to bring it forward to the Board in November for further comment and approval.

In conjunction with the Plan of Service, the draft 2024 Implementation Plan is now available. After discussion here, I will hold a webinar with library managers for further feedback.

8. Policies


Section 3:1Q - Electronic Fund Transfers
Briefing Note: This policy establishes EFT as the preferred payment method of NLLS. It requires a second staff member to verify changes in EFT information. This change is to prevent instances of fraud. Discussion was had on the privacy implications of the policy and the procedural elements. Changes made to require that written and verbal confirmation be obtained.

Section 3:1O - Sale of Capital Items
Briefing Note: Establishes the authority for the sale of capital items and outlines a procedure. This policy was being followed but never formally adopted - it is taken from the Marigold Library System.


Section 1:1U - Equal Opportunity Employer
Briefing Note: This policy came up in the regular course of review. Language added that aligns with the Canadian Human Rights Act. Clarifies that the system discriminates solely on the basis of merit.

Section 1:3F - Library Property
Briefing Note: This policy came up in the regular course of review. Language was added to clarify requiring staff to obtain authorization to borrow NLLS property. A section is added clarifying the accumulation of loyalty and credit card points.

Section TOR - Plan of Service Committee
Briefing Note: Grammatical corrections and simplified language. Change to the Chair and vice-chair being defacto members of the committee.

Section 4:1C - Confidentiality of User Records
Briefing Note: mostly grammar and simplification of text. We’ve added wording allowing the use of digital forms of consent – not just written consent

Section 1:1B - Compensation
Briefing Note: Mostly grammar and formatting for consistency and clarity. Some slight changes: move from an annual grid review to every three years. Tied the step increase to the fiscal year after the first year of employment, clarified the need for change in job classification to move levels.

Section 1:3A - Code of Ethics
Briefing Note: Removed the section on Pandemic Illnesses otherwise, grammar and language simplification.

Section 2:1B - Governance and Policy Development
Briefing Note: Amalgamated the "Policy Statements" policy into this policy.

Section 3:1I - Request for Purchase
Briefing Note: Changes to simplify language and improve grammar. Change to establish that price is not the controlling factor in the purchase of library materials (vendors, quality, processes, etc., matter).

Section TOR - Advocacy Committee
Briefing Note: Simplified the language and improved grammar.

Section TOR - Policy Committee
Briefing Note: Up for regular review. The only recommended edit is adding a period to the end of the first line.


Section 2:1A - Policy Statements

Briefing Note: Combined with the Governance and Policy Development policy - redundant

9. In-Camera  Personnel – standing performance evaluation discussion.

10. Next Meetings

General Board
Friday, November 24, 2023 (ONLINE) 10 am

Executive Committee
Friday, December 8, 2023, at Headquarters

11. Adjournment

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