Northern Lights Winter Programs

Winter Reading Program

The weather outside is frightful, but your library is so delightful- with fun activities all winter long! During the Winter Reading Program, here are the activities that your library is sharing across the Northern Lights Library System:


Winter Reading Contest

Reading Team Leaderboard: Hours Read by Team

Log your reading time to be entered into a draw for a new Kobo!

How to participate:

  • Record the number of hours you read.
  • Submit your ballots
  • If you are age 0-9, add one ballot for every 3 hours read.
  • If you are age 10-16, add one ballot for every 5 hours read.
  • If you are age 17+, add one ballot for every 7 hours read.

You can add ballots one at a time, or do many at once- just divide your hours read by 3, 5 or 7, depending on your age.

The contest will be open from January 1st to February 28th. Don't miss out!

Enter Winter Reading Hours/Ballots Here

Snow Sculpting Contest

Calling all snow Michelangelos (and snow Leonardos, Raphaels, and Donatellos, too): this is the competition you've been waiting for! Build, sculpt, or draw your art with snow, then take a picture and submit it to your library. The winner will receive a snow brick builder kit!

Submit your snow creations from January 1 - January 31. Give the creation a name, and the named creation will go up on the website for voting from February 1 - February 28.

Library Scavenger Hunt

Find something new at your library with a winter scavenger hunt! Birds, beverages, snowmen and more will be hidden around your library. Ask your librarian for your hunt card to find out what you're looking for. Match the silhouettes to the pictures around your library and write the names onto your card.

Don't forget to keep an eye open for new books along the way!

Read for 15

On January 27th, participate in a province-wide reading competition: team up with your community to get your library ranked!

Read for 15 minutes on January 27th and log your time on the form that will appear here. You will have from 9:00 AM on January 27 to 4:30 PM on January 28 to enter your minutes. Prepare for the battle of Alberta!