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NLLS Conference: Spark & Ignite

May 5 2022

This year’s conference, Spark & Ignite: Celebrate Hope and New Horizons, is gearing up to be a great event! It will be a one-day, single-stream event, with two keynote speakers. It will all happen on May 27th at the Allied Arts Centre in Elk Point, Alberta.

We are piloting a new format, in which each speaker has 15 to 20 minutes to speak on a topic, with time for questions once an hour. Our keynote speakers, Notorious Cree and Dr. Joanne Rodger and Dr. Norene Erickson, will have 1 hour-talks on topics close to your heart. Meals for the day are included in your conference fee. The day will finish with a great dinner and an exciting magic show by Sheldon Casavant.

The day before will be a day of meetings and training for our member library managers, limited staff and member library board chairs.



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