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IT Blurb #19 - Headset Troubleshooting

June 25 2021

Happy Friday everyone! This week's blurb is a request from one of our member libraries, and will provide troubleshooting tips on how to get your headset working on Windows 10.

Most types of headsets/headphones will work straight out of the box and require no additional setup. Since technology is unpredictable though, occasionally there are extra steps that need to be taken to ensure your equipment works properly.

  1. The first step is always to connect the headset to the correct port, which is labelled with a headset icon. Depending on the computer, both the headphones and mic may work from this port. If not, please proceed to the next step.
  2. Some computers do not have dedicated headset ports, but rather individual ports for the headphones and mic. The headsets purchased through NLLS have a cable splitter included in the box. If your computer lacks a dedicated headset port, connect the splitter to the cable and then to the headphone/mic ports. These ports are sometimes located on the back side of the computer. The headphone and mic ports are green and blue, respectively.
  3. If the mic doesn’t work after this, please follow these next steps.
  • Leave the headset connected to the computer and open the start menu.
  • Go into Settings, then System, the select the Sound tab.
  • Scroll down to Input and verify that a microphone is present. If there is, test to see if it picks up your voice. If there is little to no pickup, click on Device properties, then Additional device properties. Click the Levels tab and adjust the Microphone Boost as necessary. The higher the boost, the easier the mic will pick up sound.
  • If there is no microphone present, click Manage sound devices. This will show you if a microphone is present but disabled. If disabled, click the microphone, and then click Enable, and then go through the previous step to test if it’s working.

Remember that even if your problem isn’t solved by the above steps, disconnecting and re-connecting the headset or restarting your computer may be what’s needed. If you are still experiencing trouble with your headset, or have a topic that you'd like to see covered in a future blurb, please submit a help desk ticket. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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