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IT Blurb #16 - How to Create an Email Signature

May 14 2021

Good morning, everyone! Today's blurb will be on the shorter side, but hopefully it will be useful just the same. I will be explaining how to create an email signature in Microsoft Outlook, as it is the most common email service used by our member libraries.

Email signatures are a convenient and easy way to add relevant information to any email you send, without having to type it out every single time. To create one in the desktop version of Outlook, follow these steps:

1. Click 'File', and then click 'Options'.
2. Select the 'Mail' tab on the left side of the window.
3. Click 'Signatures'. It should be the third option down.
4. Once the Signatures window is open, click 'New' to create one.
5. Enter in your relevant information, then click 'Save'.

Signatures don't appear automatically in new emails; you need to select them from a list when creating one. If you'd like it to appear in new emails and/or responses, you can select it from the right side of the Signatures menu under 'Choose default signature'.

Creating a signature in the web browser version of Outlook is similar, but there are some slightly different steps:

1. Sign in to your account.
2. Click the 'Settings' button that is located at the top right of the page (the icon is a gear).
3. Click 'View all Outlook settings' at the bottom of the menu.
4. Select the 'Mail' tab on the left side of the window, then select 'Compose and reply'.
5. Enter your information and then close the settings window.

You can edit your signatures at any time, and can even create multiple for different uses. They are a useful tool that everyone should be taking advantage of. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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Katherine Bulmer

thanks Brandon appreciate this