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June 11 2021
Tablet with TRAcpac app displayed and a Northern Lights Library Sytem library card.
Tablet with TRAcpac app displayed and a Northern Lights Library Sytem library card.

Doing library things just got easier. TRACpac is now available as an app for both Android and iOS.

What are its best features that will save you time? Browsing the carousels of books (carousels available are fiction and non-fiction bestsellers and one for children's items) and with just a few touches of the screen, I placed an item on hold. The next big time saver; signing in by scanning your barcode. Yes, that is right, you can scan your library card, and the app instantly provides you with all your account information. Your barcode is readily available - touch the card icon at the bottom of the screen, and up pops your name, barcode, and library card number - like magic. If you have your phone you have your library card. Tell me, have you found yourself shopping for books and wondered if a particular title was available at the library? Me too! Now you can scan the book's barcode, and if it is in the TRAC system - you can place a hold.

Of course, you can still search the entire catalog and search fields such as title, author, subject, and more; another available filter is to limit by format. Lastly, you can select to sort things by most popular, publication date, or call number. I typed 'movies' in the search bar...24,345 results, I sort by publication date - quickly my list begins with titles from 2020.

You will also find that you have two ways to access your account; select 'My Account' from the list on the main screen or pick the three lines (also known as the 'hamburger menu') locate at the top right side, both of which brings you to a new menu where you can manage your account. From here, you can manage your holds, renew items, and check for any fines & fees - library life just became more efficient.

What other feature will you find? The 'Nearest Libraries' provides you with a list of libraries around you, starting with the one closest to you. Select a library to see operating hours, address with a direction option, and contact info. Swipe right to find and access cloudLibrary, OverDrive, and Novelist eResources. Not finding what you are searching for in TRACpac try 'Explore more' to search in Relais or ME Libraries, tutorials are available here.

Get your TRACpac app today to have your library more accessible and available right at your fingertips

  • download on Smartphones, iPads, tablets, and other devices
  • place your hold or check the item availability
  • act as a mobile barcodeĀ 
  • and more!
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