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IT Blurb #7 - When to do Updates and Why?

January 8 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that your holidays were merry and welcome you to 2021. Most of us have had at least some time off for the holidays, and with the new year and return to work also comes new Windows updates. This edition of the blurb is going to focus when to do them and why.

Keeping your Windows updates current is essential to the long-term health and safety of your computer. They fix critical and minor security issues that can potentially do harm to your computer, and by extension any important files and data stored on it. Programs such as the ones included in Microsoft Office and those purchased or downloaded through the Microsoft Store are also updated through Windows updates, keeping them compatible with your system.

As to when you should do Windows updates, it’s best to check for them every couple of weeks or so. As updates aren’t released every single day, there may not be anything to install for days at a time. Updates are best installed when your computer is unoccupied, as running programs can potentially slow the process. Some updates are small so they will install quickly and likely won’t require a restart of your computer, while others can be quite large and will take one or more restarts to fully install. Evenings and weekends are perfect times to do any updates that may have accumulated over a couple weeks.

Updates can be annoying to do, especially if notices show up while you are doing important work, but they’re easier to do a couple times a month than waiting for months at a time. You are able to delay updates, but Windows will install them automatically after so many delays, which may cause you to lose progress on your work. Please keep on top of Windows updates: they keep your data and equipment secure, and your programs up to date.

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katherine bulmer

thanks for the great info i do forget to check that i need the reminder is great thanks