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IT Blurb #3 - Physical Security

October 30 2020

Happy (early) Halloween! This edition of the blurb is quite timely as it covers quite a scary topic for us IT folks: unsecured physical information!

In addition to utilizing security software on your computer, it is similarly necessary to deploy physical security techniques to help safeguard your data. Any important personal information such as passwords, email addresses and phone numbers, or banking details that you have written down or printed out should be kept in a secure place like a safe, lock box or locking desk drawer. By leaving such information out in the open, you run the risk of having it fall into the wrong hands. Locking your computer when it is not in use is helpful for deterring others from looking at your potentially sensitive information. You can lock your computer by pressing the Windows key + L on your keyboard. You can also change your Power & Sleep settings to put the computer to sleep after a set amount of time.

Please take some time to secure your important information and documents: you'll thank yourself for it in the future.




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Katherine Bulmer

you say to lock your computer by pressing windows key + L how do you unlock?? Windows key + U?? just asking so i can figure it out...

Brandon Ziomek

Hi Katherine, You can unlock it by entering your password, just as you would when you first boot up your computer. Thank you!