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IT Blurb #2 - Anti-virus & Anti-malware

October 16 2020

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope that you've all had a great week. This week's blurb focuses on some of the benefits of using anti-virus/malware software on your computer or other device(s).

Anti-virus/malware software is instrumental in protecting your information from would be ne’er-do-wells. Programs like Cylance (the software NLLS uses) are useful early warning systems that inform the user when they are about to access potentially harmful websites, emails, or files. It is highly recommended that any computer being used to access important data (and the internet in general), whether at work, home, or on the go, has virus and malware protection in place.

Any device that is not protected by software of this nature has a greater chance of being infected, and by extension, personal and private information such as documents, pictures, and videos have a higher risk of being accessed by malicious third parties.

If there are any topics you'd like to see covered in the future, please comment below or submit a ticket to our help desk!

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