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2023-02-10-Executive Meeting Minutes

February 10 2023

Meeting Minutes DRAFT - Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting Information

Date: February 10, 2023
Location: Vermillion Public Library

Attendees: Vicky Lefebvre (Chair), Jen Anheliger (Vice-Chair), Matthew McLennan, Dwayne Spicer, Larry Tiedemann, Barbara Smith, Maxine Fodness, Leslie Cusack

Guests: Jodi Dahlgren (Chair)

Staff: James MacDonald, Terri Hampson

Regrets: Curtis Schoepp, Josh Crick

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1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Approval of Previous Minutes of November 25th, 2022

M1: Maxine Fodness motions to accept the Minutes of November 25, 2022, all in favor, carried.

3. Chair's Report (verbal)

M2: Barbara Smith motions to approve the Chairs reports as presented, all in favor, carried.

Report on action items from last meeting & Chair Report

a) Executive Director to setup parameters of the Indigenous Advisory Group

A mandate statement has been drafted by our manager of member library services and presented to the Policy committee. The mandate will be discussed later in the meeting under policy updates.

b) Executive Director to write a formal thank you letter to the PLSB for the bandwidth increases for our libraries.

A letter was drafted on behalf of the Board Chair.

3.1 Chair's Challenge

Briefing Note: The Chair challenged each municipal council to get library cards for themselves, and their administration and to have a council picture taken proving the accomplishment. Councils that chose to participate were to submit their picture to a webform provided to their library manager. Councils that also got their administration to participate were entered into the draw twice.

Participating councils/libraries included:

  • Cold Lake
  • Marwayne
  • Innisfree x 2
  • Bon Accord x 2
  • Elk Point x 2
  • Wainwright x 2

Draw for the winner to take place now. We'll use the Wheel of Names to make the draw.

Marwayne is the winner.

3.2 Library Manager's Council

The next Library Manager's Council meeting is February 22nd.

4. Financial Report

Briefing note: We are awaiting the audit report for a clear picture of the 2022 financials. The audit should be ready by February 24. This report includes a link to our month-to-month financials for 2023 and a look at the final month of 2022. 

M3: Dwayne Spicer motions to accept the financial report as presented, all in favor, carried.

Action: ED to explore options for General Board Meetings to meet in hybrid (online/in-person) fashion and to explore costs to retrofit the Board room with appropriate audio/visual technologies.

5. Update on NLLS vehicle fleet

Briefing Note: By email motion on January 6, 2023, "J. Anheliger moves:  To direct the Executive Director with selling the 2021 Dodge Promaster with sale proceeds to be directed to the vehicle replacement reserve." This motion passed and the vehicle sale was made. The executive chose to sell this vehicle early (it had about 190,000km and by policy we wait to sell after 250,000km) because the vehicle was in constant need of repairs: we replaced the alternator 3 times, had wheel bearing issues, and transmission issues, amongst other issues, the vehicle was too costly to maintain. 

The system now supports a fleet of 3 delivery vehicles:

Year Make Model KM - Jan 24
2017 Dodge Grand Caravan 162,534
2018 Ford Transit van 362,782
2020 Dodge Promaster 2500 188,367

The 2017 Grand Caravan is used as a backup delivery vehicle and occasionally as a consulting, and IT support vehicle. It has passed the 5 year sale date. However, it is in good shape and we hope with controlled mileage it can act as a backup delivery vehicle for several more years.

The 2018 Ford Transit is well past the 5 year and 250,000km replacement schedule. A replacement van was ordered in early 2022. The dealer has assured us we are at the front of the line but delivery is estimated for summer/fall 2023. The van is in good shape despite the high mileage. We recently had it inspected for the possibility of sale but opted to sell the less reliable Promaster instead.

The 2020 Promaster will likely reach 250,000km in 2023/24. As long as the maintenance on this vehicle remains low we will aim to stretch its useful life while watching the new vehicle market. 

M4: Jenn Anheliger moves that her online motion of January 6, 2023, To direct the Executive Director with selling the 2021 Dodge Promaster with sale proceeds to be directed to the vehicle replacement reserve be ratified, all in favor, carried.

6. First Annual System Services Survey Results

Briefing Note: The survey was conducted in late 2022 and it appears that we had the participation of every library manager. 49 participants indicated that they were library managers. Library managers that chose to provide their names will be entered into a draw for a $500 CDW credit. CDW is our main provider of electronic and computer hardware. Library managers could provide their names and also participate anonymously if they chose. As a result of the anonymity we are unable to determine for certain that all library managers participated. Nonetheless, 32 chose to provide their names.

See the Survey Report for an analysis of the results.

Action: Template to be created for a Board member report to their council.
Action: Recommendation to have the NLLS board member sit on their local library board.
Action: Ensure the NLLS Rep is invited with James to attend the local library board meeting if they don’t currently sit on same.
Action: Replace the word “ticket” with “I am taking your information”, and “here is your reference number xxxx” (ticket number).
Action: James to add the “reference numbers” processed in the weekly report as well as putting the “What’s New” at the top.

M5: Jenn Anheliger motions to accept the System Survey results as presented, all in favor, carried.
M6: Larry Tiedemann motions to have ED look into the cost of a professional survey design service, all in favor, carried.

We'll use the Wheel of Names to make the draw.

Bon Accord
Cold Lake
Paradise Valley
Smoky Lake
St. Paul
Two Hills
Wandering River

Winner is Viking.

7. Systems Advocacy Committee

Briefing note: The 7 systems met on January 19th and adopted a systems advocacy guide, a advocacy brochure/takeaway, and a logo/slogan for further promotion. We encourage all board members to familiarize themselves with the contents of the plan and their role in it.

M7: Barbara Smith motions to have James send a thank you letter to the System Advocacy Committee for the work they have done on our behalf thus far, all in favor, carried.

8. Proposed Implementation Plan 2023 

Briefing note: The implementation plan outlines the goals and actions required to meet the strategic directions and priorities set by the Board. Whereas the Plan of Service stretches over a 3-year time frame this implementation plan identifies how we aim to accomplish its priorities over the next year (2023). This plan outlines our goals or actions, how they contribute to our strategic priorities, the timetables for each, and identifies responsible individuals. Greater specificity on each action or goal will be found in department plans, project reports and plans, needs assessments, and the individual goals of staff members.

An implementation plan is the core document used to evaluate the performance of the Executive Director. As such, it is important that the Executive Committee review the plan and sign off on its adoption. As the implementation plan covers a single year, choices must be made on which strategic directions will take precedence in the year, recognizing that some things must be done in order.

The Implementation Plan reflects the organization and strategic priorities of the Plan of Service. Board members are encouraged to review the Plan of Service with the implementation plan for context.

M8: Dwayne Spicer moves to accept the 2023 Implementation Plan as presented, all in favor, carried.

9. Plan of Service 2024 - 2026

Briefing note: The current Plan of Service expires at the end of 2023. The Executive is empowered to prepare and plan the next plan of service. They are generally prepared for a 3-year period. The Executive must discuss how they'd like to proceed with the development of the plan.

M9: Barbara Smith motions to create a plan of service committee at Feb 2023 meeting in order to facilitate a new plan of service for NLLS, all in favor, carried.

10. Policy updates

Briefing note: The policy committee met on February 3rd, 2023. See the minutes from that meeting.


10.1. Terms of Reference - Procedural Policy
Briefing Note: Added procedures for the board and its committees to call for and vote on motions via email, outside of regular Board or committee meetings.

10.2. Section 3:1F - Corporate Credit Cards
Briefing Note: This policy integrates Sec 1:1C Staff Expenses and Reimbursement with the Corporate CC policy. Several grammatical updates are made as well as updates to reflect changes in procedure. 

10.3. Section 3:1B - Accounting and Audit (name change to Financial Matters)
Briefing Note: This policy will combine the following financial policies: Accounting and AuditFinancial MattersInvestmentsPrincipleBorrowing Bylaw, and Banking under a single policy title Financial Matters. The updates are largely clarifying - no substantive changes were intended. 

10.4. Section 1:1K & Appendix E - Benefits 
Briefing Note: Update to reflect the motion of the Board to cover health benefits premiums and clarify staff responsibilities around short and long term disability. Some grammar and clarifying edits.

10.5. Section 1:1L & Appendix - Leaves
Briefing Note: Clarification and simplification of the policy and alignment with current and future Alberta labour standards. We would delete the appendix and refer to the current Alberta labour standards on protected leaves.

10.6. Section 1:1T - Inclement Weather
Briefing Note: Clarification and organization of the policy, with grammar updates.

10.7. Section 1:3G - Political Activity
Briefing Note: Addition of two points regarding political activity outside of work and rental of building to political parties or causes.

10.8. Section 1:3U - Communication Protocol - Employee(s)
Briefing Note: Slight grammatical updates for clarity.

10.9 Section 2:1L - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP)
Briefing Note: Slight grammatical updates, removal of erroneous hyperlink, clarification on when NLLS provides FOIP training.


10.10. Terms of Reference - Indigenous Advisory Circle Mandate
Briefing Note: This new TOR establishes an Indigenous Advisory Circle to assist the Board with establishing and delivering library services for Indigenous communities in the NLLS region.


10.11 Section 1:3P - Privacy Issues
Briefing Note: This policy was incorporated into the Internet and Computer Usage Policy previously and its deletion was overlooked.

10.12 Section 1:1Q - Retirement
Briefing Note: This policy is unnecessary, the hiring of past employees that have retired is governed by Alberta labour standards.

M10: Maxine Fodness motions to accept the policies as amended and have them forward to the General Board for final approval, all in favor, carried.

Action: ED to explore the potential of holding an Executive Committee Meeting at Fishing Lake Metis Settlement.

11. In Camera Personnel – standing performance evaluation discussion. 

M11: Dwayne Spicer motions to go into camera at 2:17, all in favor, carried.

M12: Vicky Lefebvre motions to come out of camera at 2:27, all in favor, carried.

12. Adjournment

M13: Barb Smith motions to adjourn at 2:27pm.

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