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2024-05-22 General Board Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

May 23 2024

2024-05-22 General Board Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

2024-05-22 General Board Meeting of the Board

Northern Lights Library System Board

Regular Meeting

Northern Lights Library System

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Meeting ID: 912 878 2619

Passcode: Executive

10:00 AM Wednesday May 22, 2024

Meeting Full Package HERE


Mission: Bringing the world to our communities by collaboratively providing efficient, effective, and exceptional library service.

Advocacy Slogan: Libraries Value Beyond Words

Chair Contact Information: Jennifer Anheliger 

  1. Call to Order 10:05 am
  2. Acknowledgement of Treaty 6 and Land of the Metis:

Northern Lights Library System respectfully acknowledges that the land on which we gather is Treaty 6 territory and a traditional meeting ground and home for many Indigenous Peoples, including Cree, Saulteaux, Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, and Nakota Sioux Peoples.

  1. Quorum: 35 total Board Attendance

Approval of previous Meeting Minutes of 2023 02 23 General Board Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

M1. Barb Smith motions to accept the meeting minutes of Feb 23 2023 as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

For Information

  1. Chairperson’s Report– Jennifer Anheliger

M2. Ashley Rainy motions to accept the Chairperson report as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Alberta Library Trustee Association (ALTA) report–Jennifer Anheliger

M3. Leslie Cusack motions to accept the ALTA report as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Financial ReportJames MacDonald
    Briefing Note: We have received all municipal levies except for the County of Two Hills. An arrears notice has been sent to them. The provincial operating grant was applied for on May 13th. There are two budget lines overspent by greater than 10%. 6270 Vehicle Expenses result from contract driver payments moving to this line. This will change in next year's budget documents. We purchased our new van, and we've had an abnormal number of maintenance issues (several windshields). 6702 Building Maintenance results from the capital construction costs of the new building vestibule.

M4. Larry Tiedemann motions to accept the financial report as presented, all in favor, motion carried.


  1. Go Library Website - James MacDonald

M5. Kelly Chamzuk motions to accept the Go Library Website report as presented, all in favor, motion carried.

  1. Budget 2025-2027James MacDonald/Larry Tiedemann

M6. Wanda Cochrane motions to accept the Budget 2025-2027 report as presented, all in favor, motion carried.


Briefing Note: Given the size of our board and the lengthy process of development and approval, policies are voted upon at the general board meetings as an omnibus motion. Board members may make a motion to remove one or more policies from the omnibus motion for individual vote. Policy changes will not be entertained at the general board meeting. Policies are either accepted or rejected by the general board. Rejected policies are returned to the Policy Committee for further review and work where appropriate.

Section 1:1C Driver Safety and Service
Briefing Note: Provides a quarterly bonus to contract drivers when defined safety and service standards are met.

Section 3:1L Long-term Office Rentals
Briefing Note: Sets guidelines for long-term rentals or leases of NLLS-owned properties.


Section  2:1C Governance Style of the Board and TOR Procedural Policy
Briefing Note: Combines the Governance Style of the Board policy (2:1C) and the Terms of Reference: Procedural Policy of the Board. 2:1C becomes the preamble to the procedural policy. The policy is renamed to "Board Procedural Policy." Consider changing this from a TOR to policy 2:1C. Besides changes to grammar and punctuation, changes were made to better define quorum, rules regarding virtual participation in meetings, and changes to voting on motions made by email. 

Section 2:1E Executive Committee and 2:1O Election of Executive Committee
Briefing Note: Combines 2:1E Executive Committee and 2:1O Election of Executive Committee under one policy called "Executive Committee." Besides grammar and punctuation, clarity was provided on the population used to determine auto-seats and what happens when an auto-seat is vacated prematurely. Added a requirement to obtain legal counsel on the dismissal of an ED (for compliance with insurance).

Section 4:1A Collection Development 
Briefing Note: This came up during the regular review. We tightened the language and simplified it for clarity.


Section Sec 2:1O Election of Executive Committee
Briefing Note: Combine with Sec 2:1E

Section Sec 2:1C Governance Style of the Board
Briefing Note: Combine with TOR Procedural Policy

 M7. Kelly Chamzuk motions to accept the policies as presented above as an omnibus motion, all in favor, motion carried.

Adjournment 11:02am

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