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2024-04-26 LMC Executive Minutes - DRAFT

April 29 2024

26-04-2024 LMC Executive Meeting  DRAFT

 Minutes for April 26, 2024 

 Location: Newbrook Library


In Attendance: Jodi Dahlgren, Tracy Woloshyniuk, Stuart Pauls, Maureen Penn, Nicole Labrie, James MacDonald




Action Required 



Adoption of April 2024 Updated Agenda 

·      Stuart moves to accept agenda with changes - unanimous



TRAC Advisory Meeting – June 4/24 Spruce Grove, AB

·      3 members of the Executive will attend: Chair, First Chair, Second Chair.

o   Jodi, Stuart, and Tracy will attend.

·      Action Item #1: James to contact BiblioCommons rep to get a highlight reel (video approx. 10 minutes and list of bullet points) to send out ahead of LMC for managers to watch ahead of May 22.


·      Action Item #2: Jodi to ask consultants for their list of recommendations re: BiblioCommons vs. Polaris, requested features, etc. to bring to TRAC meeting.


·      Action Item #3: Jodi will ask LMC members at May meeting for recommendations to bring to TRAC meeting.


NLLS 2025 Budget with Projections to 2027

·      Discussed presenting budget in full at May LMC but limited time for presenting. Budget will presented as info only, with some question time.

·      Discussed taking a percentage of everyone’s book allotment to put towards Overdrive to start in 2025. This will put us in league with other library systems in TRAC.

·      Action Item #1: James will get hard numbers as to what the other systems are contributing to TRAC.

·      Action Item #2: James will compile all NLLS member libraries book allotments and do projections of 5/7/10% being put towards Overdrive.

·      Action Item #3: Jodi and James will present at May LMC.


Policy Discussion. Section 1:3X Information Technology - Member Libraries

·      Briefing Note: Outlines the appropriate use of technology connected to the NLLS network at member libraries. This policy is required for cyber insurance compliance.

·      The executve engaged in robust discussion on this policy. We feel this policy is flexible enough and NLLS is prepared to work with individual libraries to make sure we are all in compliance.

·      There is enough flexibility in the policy to deal with most unique situations.

·      Action Item #1: Jodi/James/Tim to encourage managers at LMC to work with TSI during site visits and bring forward questions then.


Recording LMC meetings

·      Executive has decided that full meetings will not be recorded, encourage reading the minutes.

·      Any training and presentation portions of the LMC meetings will be recorded and posted to NLLS YouTube page.

·      Action Item #1: Jodi will inform LMC of this decision at top of May meeting.


Princh Wireless Printing

·      Discussed cost to get all libraries onboard with Princh: $349/library and $16,000 approx. for NLLS.

·      Robust discussion was held over payment models.

·      NLLS would like to have 20 libraries trial for one year, get stats. The libraries would pay $349 for the installation and access.

·      Action Item #1: Nicole will talk to Kira in Vegreville to get her feedback on Princh.

·      Action Item #2: Nicole will make a presentation on Princh to present at LMC to see what kind of buy-in we can get from other libraries.

·      Action Item #3: Depending on LMC feedback, James will take the 20 library pilot project idea to the NLLS Executive.


GoLibrary Follow-up https://golibrary.ca

·      Discussed stats, overall positive reception from communities. James believes it will take about 6 months to start getting solid stats.

·      James and Tim will present GoLibrary at the Peace Library Symposium on May 31/24.

·      No action items


PowerBI (multiple accounts)

·      Libraries can have multiple PowerBI accounts. The cost is $70/account.

·      For additional accounts: send in a ticket, Tim will add the user, NLLS will invoice the library.

·      No action items


Library Membership Cards

·      Discussed full cards vs. fobs, discussed personalized cards. Not able to personalize at a system level.

·      Action Item #1: James will have Tim send Maureen his card printer research.


2023 Annual Survey Report

·      Going forward, James will send two surveys: one for managers, one for boards.

·      Morinville won the $500 prize.

·      Will not discuss survey at length at LMC.

·      Action Item #1: James will put survey discussion in his report for LMC, not as an agenda item.


Discussion on changes to the Libraries Act

·      This currently does not impact any of our libraries.

·      No action items.



Update on licensing issue with Microsoft Office - Discussion on the future of Office products.

·      NLLS figured out the concern with the licensing issues. No further action required at this time.

·      No action items.


Next Meeting

·      To be held in Bonnyville, date TBA.

·      Action Item #1: Terri Hampson to send out poll to decide on date.







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