Job Satisfaction for Those around You

Job Satisfaction for Those around You

Posted on Wednesday August 25, 2010 at 08:47AM

Job Satisfaction for Those around You

In research recently printed in an article published by the Association for Psychological Science and popping up all over the internet, psychologists have found that the success of any organization is largely dependent on the happiness of its employees. Well, duh. Think about it: if you are not happy, are you going to perform at your best in the workplace? Not likely.

So far The Weekly Blurb has focused mainly on you and your job satisfaction. Today we are going to look at promoting the happiness of those you supervise. Keep in mind that all of the things that make your job better and creates job satisfaction for you, also works for the people you supervise. Keep in mind that all people are different and choose different jobs for a wide variety of reasons. For example: one of the things that generally promotes job satisfaction is variety. However, some people enjoy a lot of repetition in their jobs, so they can let their minds wander. You may have some staff members who really enjoy socializing, so shelving books is sheer torture for them. Others may have the idea that the library is all about books and working away from the public is their dream job. The best way to find out: ask them.

Phrasing that particular question needs to be done carefully. Suddenly approaching an employee and asking, “What would you like to do today?” may create confusion and lead to insubordination. It’s best to get that sort of thing taken care of at a job interview: “How do you envision a typical day working in the library?” For employees and volunteers who have been there for a while, the question may come up in their annual review: “Are you satisfied in the work that you do here?” Further probing may reveal that a shift change is needed, or that they have a lot of great ideas to share on how to improve the library.

The most important thing to promote employee job satisfaction, according to the research article, is communication. The employee needs to know exactly what is expected of him or her. They also need to be aware of the goals of the library, and how what they are doing on a daily basis contributes to the achievement of those goals. Do your employees know the library’s mission statement? Its goals as listed in your current plan of service? Are they informed of any changes coming up, either in your particular library or in the Northern Lights Library System? Do you pass on information from Library Managers’ Council and Board meetings? If it is going to affect them and how they do their jobs, they need to know.

Library Managers are at the centre of communication. You need to absorb the information of staff needs and pass it on to the board or to NLLS if we can help. You need to pass on information that you get on the phone, through emails and in person from NLLS to you staff and your board.

The key to happier employees is communication. Take the time to talk.

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Organizations." ScienceDaily 14 August 2010. 16 August 2010

Author: Northern Lights Library System


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