Balance between home and work life

Balance between home and work life

Posted on Thursday July 22, 2010 at 09:07AM

Balance between home and work life


In the shower this morning I was mentally reviewing all that I needed to do today at work.  While walking to work, the only exercise I get, I was mentally composing a document that I had left half-finished on my desk the night before.  I missed enjoying the morning, with all of its sights, sounds and smells, because I was already wrapped up in what I had to get done at work.


If you’re like me, you need to work on setting boundaries between work and home life.  People who are too wrapped up in their work, tend to note increasing pressure on their relationships and home responsibilities.  Those who bring their home lives to work may find that their relationships with their colleagues are somewhat rough or deteriorating.  What is clearly needed is to find the proper balance between the two.


One of the nice things about working in the library is that you can always tell yourself that if something doesn’t get done right now, no one’s going to die.  Now that statement is not made to allow you to slack off, but to cut you some slack when it seems like the pressure is mounting to get everything done at once!  Every individual is different, but here are a few tips to help you separate your work from your home life.


1.    Dedicate a specified number of hours of the day to work, when you focus intently on it.  At the end of that time stop working and turn your mind to other things.  For example, rather than composing articles on my way to work, I need to notice my environment, how green the grass is, the sounds of the birds, and the warmth of the sun on my face.

2.    Exercise.  I’m not a fan of this one, but I have found that if I exercise during my lunch break I can focus more intently in the afternoon.  If I exercise after work, I can more easily turn my mind off work and onto other things.

3.    Take time off when you are sick or have vacation time due to you.  No one benefits if you stumble in all drippy and sneezy or if you haven’t taken a break in a while.  You are not working at your best AND you will take longer to recover from even minor illnesses.

4.    Set priorities.  Your kids are only young for a short time, so don’t miss their big events for work.  Likewise, budgets are due at specific times for a reason but things like weeding can wait.  Make of list of what truly HAS to be done and get straight to it – the rest will follow in time, and no one’s going to die if you don’t change the book display this week.

5.    Just say no.  We all want to please other people, but sometimes we need to step back and say no.  Although being a member of that committee will look good on your resume, do you really have the time or energy?


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