New Brochures Available

New Brochures Available

Posted on Monday May 10, 2010 at 09:53AM

New Brochures Available

The new brochures for e-Resources are now available!  In addition to the new Northern Lights Library System brochure and the Non-Resident Patron Fee brochure, which you should have received in van run a week or two ago, I’ve created ten new brochures on e-Resources.

Originally the e-Resources were presented in a single brochure that crammed all the database descriptions into teeny tiny print.  No more!  Two of the new brochures are dedicated to simple search techniques, one of the TRAC catalogue (as per a suggestion from Gayle from Bon Accord), the other for searching e-Resources.  The remaining eight are dedicated to the general topic areas they are:


  • Auralog Language Software – Tell Me More
  • Business
  • Do It Yourself
  • Genealogy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Literature & the Arts
  • Science
  • Students & Teachers

Each of the eight brochures can be personalized for your particular library.  In the inside of the brochures, at the bottom of the last panel is currently a place holder for your library’s information.  Where is says “Northern Lights Library System in the gray-green box, you put your library’s name.  In the white box below it you can fill in your library’s address and contact information.

For those of you who don’t have access to colour printers, send me an email and I will personalize and print them out for you (you will still have to fold them).  If you are doing this, let me know the number you would like of each. 

For those of you who have colour printers, please make the changes and print them off yourself.  Normally when we send out brochures we send them out in PDF format to secure the data.  In order for you to make the personalization mentioned above, we are sending them out as Publisher documents.  Please do not abuse this.  These brochures have gone through a research and review process and should not be tampered with, other than as specified above.

Now some of you may be thinking: “That’s a lot of brochures!  I don’t have room to display them all.”  The answer to that is to rotate your display.  Change which one you have out each week.  This will save space as well as garner more attention: things that change get noticed; things that stay the same become old very soon.


Author: Northern Lights Library System


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