Web Awareness Workshop Series

Web Awareness Workshop Series

Posted on Friday April 09, 2010 at 09:25AM

What’s Freely Available to You – Web Awareness Workshop Series


APLEN (Alberta Public Library Electronic Network) is sponsoring a series of web awareness workshops through the Media Awareness Network.  These courses are designed for parents and teachers of children aged 4 – 16.  Initially the license was only for libraries, but as Alberta Education now also holds a valid license, schools and libraries can work together to create awareness of what is out there on the web, and what impact that may have on our children.  They are offered free to you to incorporate into your current programming.


Why does this matter?  One internet site I found (Snapshot Spy) said that 24 million children are now online, and one in five are solicited for sex.  (Crimes Against Children Research Center claims that by 2005 this was only one in seven children).  Then there are all the newspaper headlines about young teens lured into face to face meetings with the people they find in online chat rooms.  It can be a scary world online.  These web awareness workshops will help parents and teachers learn to deal with these threats to the safety and security of the children.


The topics that are available include: Kids for Sale, Fact or Folly, Safe Passage, Cyberbullying and Growing with the Net.  Each workshop comes with a PowerPoint presentation for both Windows and Mac, in English or in French, with notes for the speaker.  It also has a Workshop Guide (in pdf) with handouts for the participants.  You would need to provide a speaker (or present it yourself) to lead the workshop, the time, space and to promote the event.


The only requirement from APLEN is that you provide a report after every workshop which includes the date, trainer’s name, number of participants, nature of the audience (e.g. parents, teachers, or community groups) participant evaluations and a report from the trainer.  While that may at first sound like a lot, it is actually only a few lines and putting together a brief evaluation form for participants to fill out.  Even better, you can then just put the whole thing in an envelope, address it to me, drop it in your van run bin and you’re done!  I’ll take care of compiling and forwarding to APLEN all the information.


Because this series is under license, I cannot publish the website with these workshops in this blurb.  If you wish to know more, please contact me and I’ll give you the website address.



On another note, The voting has begun for the Alberta Readers Choice Award and Alberta’s Libraries are asked to get the news out.  Here’s how your library can help:  Vote. Go to www.albertareaderschoice.ca to vote now and help choose the winner of Alberta’s biggest literary award. Voting ends on April 30th, 2010.

Author: Northern Lights Library System


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