Selling your Library – Newspaper Articles

Selling your Library – Newspaper Articles

Posted on Wednesday January 13, 2010 at 03:05PM

Selling your Library – Newspaper Articles


This week I received a press release from OverDrive, which I’ve included in this blurb.  What appears in red should be filled in with your library’s information, before sending it off to your local paper.  I’ve been informed that libraries submitting “press releases” will most likely be charged to have them appear in the newspaper.  However, if the information is submitted as an article about local events, there is a greater chance of free publicity.  Talk to the person in charge of your local paper.  If you offer to submit an article, they may appreciate the filler. 


It’s always great to have a good relationship with your local media.  Invite them to any and all events you are hosting at your library.  Even though an article after-the-fact will not help to increase attendance at an event, it will get your library in the news.  Pretty much any free publicity is good publicity.  If you can provide photos, all the better!  People love seeing themselves in the paper, and photos are more attention-grabbing than plain columns of text.  For example, attaching a picture of patrons on the library computers using OverDrive will make the following article much more personal and appealing.






(City) January, 2010– Did you know that you can download eBooks and audiobooks [EPUB, PDF, WFA and MP3 files] from your library’s website? Now, [Library name] offers even greater access to their popular download service, OverDrive, through a mobile device-optimized website coupled with software for downloading and listening on the go. 


The library’s catalogue, TRACpac, accessible from anywhere, now offers a mobile website edition for easy browsing, searching, and checkout, on-the-go from your Smartphone, Blackberry®, or other web-enabled device. Windows Mobile (5 or newer) users can wirelessly download audiobooks, music, and video to their mobile device using OverDrive® Media Console for Windows Mobile.  Android™ device owners can install a beta version of OverDrive Media Console to download OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks. You now have instant access on the subway or in line at the grocery store.


By visiting, you can check out and download books to enjoy on your computer, iPod®, or MP3 player, and some audio titles can be burned to CD. The TRACpac is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Popular and classic downloadable books are offered in a variety of subjects, including mystery, romance, science fiction, business and careers, self-improvement, and more.


To download eBooks and audiobooks all you need is an Internet connection and your library card. Visit to try it today!


About [Library Name]

Insert capper here.


About OverDrive, Inc.

OverDrive is a leader in providing world-class infrastructure for downloading premium digital content. We deliver secure management, protection and download services for hundreds of publishers and institutions (rights holders) and thousands of libraries, retailers and distributors serving millions of end users.  Founded in 1986, OverDrive is based in Cleveland,


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Author: Northern Lights Library System


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