Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys

Posted on Friday May 04, 2007 at 11:23AM

It feels like forever since I added anything to this blog. As I was thinking about what I might like to post, it occurred to me that I ought to keep it simple and functional this time around. “So”,thought I, “maybe I should expound on the joys of Windows’ shortcut keys seeing how there is often so little to be joyful about when it comes to Windows.” (I know… terrible nerd humor and a shameless plug for Apple all in one breath… I’ll endeavor to stop that).

What are shortcut keys? Well, by using a combination of keys on your keyboard you can do things a little quicker and navigate in the Windows environment much easier.

I should point out that in the screencast I am using the Firefox web browser which may look a little different than Internet Explorer - especially when I demonstrate the Ctrl+F shortcut but the principle is the same. Here is a quick list of absolutely essential shortcut keys:

Ctrl + C Copy selected item

Ctrl + X Cut selected item

Ctrl + V Paste selected item

Ctrl + Z Undo your last action

Ctrl + Y Redo your last action

Ctrl + F Opens the find box in most applications

Alt + Tab Opens a handy pop-up allowing you to scroll through and quickly navigate to open applications

There are many websites that outline standard shortcut keys in the Windows’ environment. They are all easily googleable so I will refrain from reproducing all that hard work. Here is a couple of helpful sites on shortcut keys:

  1. Microsoft’s Support Centre on Shortcut Keys
  2. Computer Hope

Please feel free to add shortcuts you discover in a comment. Also, I try to make the screencasts small enough to fit in your screen and large enough to be seen. If the screen cast takes too long to open or is otherwise cumbersome please let me know so I can make them better.

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