Back to School

Back to School

Posted on Tuesday June 03, 2008 at 10:46AM

It is nearly that time of year again… yep those kids will finally be out of your hair during the day… I mean uh… Its back to school time, academics, scholarship, learning and reading that is why we are excited right…  Certainly, those are the sentiments of our school-housed public libraries…

As kids start pouring in with their homework assignments and questions you will naturally be armed with your great reference collection, your excellent non-fiction collection, the might of TRAC, all the wonderful online resources, directories and of course our online databases. I just thought I would add another arrow or two to your reference quiver.

Besides the many wonderful online databases you can access through the NLLS website students in K to 12 classes have access to a host of age appropriate databases from LearnAlberta ( In September the login and passwords change. You’ll need to remind parents and students to get these passwords from their school principal. Some schools are very much on top of getting kids and parents access to this site. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed some seem not to know this resource even exists.

When you first log into Learn Alberta, (you can enter the site as a guest),guest

you will notice that there are all sorts of age or class appropriate resources. Do not overlook the link to the Online Reference Center:


It is through the ORC or Online Reference Centre you will find several very useful databases covering topics from science, history, literature and more. Unfortunately, you can not browse these resources, like the rest of the site, without a user name and password. Be sure to put “harass local principal about new user name and password for the site” on your calendars for September.

Author: Northern Lights Library System


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