Press Releases and Promotion of Library Services

Press Releases and Promotion of Library Services

Posted on Tuesday June 03, 2008 at 10:31AM



With the addition of the many fabulous new databases, you may wonder how am I going to promote them?  Press releases are generally the easiest way to get the information out to the community.  What are press releases you may ask?  They are pre-written articles designed for you to customize according to your library’s information.   

Before throwing your information into the article and sending it off to your local journal, take a step back and contact your journal first.  A friendly phone call to the editor of the journal informing them of this valuable service and reason for wanting to inform the community can make the difference between getting your press release printed or not. 

Here is the press release I created for the databases and below you can click on the link to save your own copy to send into your local journal.

Note: the words in red is where you input your own information.


Where to Go When Google Doesn’t Know

Library says tapping into the “Hidden Web” reveals a wealth of answers 

DATE (CITY, PROVINCE) - With the help of Web engines such as Google and, people have become savvy online searchers.  But even the most agile Internet searchers find that some questions just don’t produce the right results, leaving them to feel like the answers aren’t out there.

The problem may not be that the answers aren’t out there, but that the usual engines just can’t get at them.  General search engines search what’s free on the Web, but often the most accurate (and verified) information resides in what insiders call the “Hidden Web” - expensive password-protected databases typically consulted by professional researchers.  More important is that general search engines don’t distinguish between sources, so you don’t know what you’re getting.

Free search engines are great for finding simple answers to simple questions, but when the answers really matter - your child’s homework or business information or health issues - we recommend using something more authoritative.  When you search the free Web you have no idea whether you’re getting accurate information or not.

Consulting more authoritative resources doesn’t mean leaving your computer or pulling out your credit card, you just need a library card.  A library user can access the most sought-after Internet resources - information sources that would typically cost thousands - available free with a library card.  Tapping in through the library’s website (just click on Online Databases) means finding information that can help with homework at any grade level (even college). 

Databases are helpful for not only homework, but for everyday research.  Do it yourself databases such as ChiltonLibrary and Small Engine Repair Reference Centre allow users to access schematics to thousands of vehicles, tractors, boats, snowmobiles and other small engines.  For those family history buffs, Ancestry Library and HeritageQuest Online can help you trace back to the very tips of your family tree.  Are you looking for an article that was printed in your favorite newspaper last year?  Canadian Newsstand provides full text of major Canadian newspapers including Alberta dailies and weeklies.

A good way to get started is to add the homepage (WEB ADDRESS HERE) to your “Favorites” and tape your library card number to the edge of your computer screen so you have it handy when you need to do some research.  Once on the homepage click on “Online Databases”.  You will then be connected to the databases homepage.  Each of the databases will be listed and will have a brief description of what you can do there.  Simply choose which database you would like to search by clicking on the database title.  You will be prompted to enter your library card number and password.  From there you can begin searching. 

While used by professional researchers, these Internet sources are easy to use, but it may take a visit or two to learn the ropes.  It’s like going to a grocery store if you’ve only shopped at the gas station’s food mart.  It might take a few minutes to understand the layout, but once you do, you find the selection and quality knock the socks off the gas station’s convenience.  You wouldn’t entrust the gas station with your dinner party, so don’t entrust your precious searches to the free Web.

Author: Northern Lights Library System


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