Canadian Library Month

Canadian Library Month

Posted on Tuesday October 15, 2019 at 02:24PM

October is Canadian Library Month and the themes is A Visit Will Get You Thinking.  Launched in 2006 by the Canadian Library Association (CLA), Canadian Library Month (CLM) provides “an opportunity for Canadians not familiar with their local library to come down and experience all the services available to them.”  Northern Lights Library System supports 47 member libraries, each of whom are autonomous in serving their own communities. Together, however, Northern Lights and its members are able to provide library services to the regional population on a greater scale than a single library could alone.

Libraries are the community hub and play an essential role in our society, so let's take the time to advocate, celebrate and appreciate our community library. The entire month, libraries along with their partners and boards, raise awareness regarding the importance role that libraries play in our community and our lives.  Libraries are more than books! Take a moment to share your favorite library story, be sure to 'like' your library on social media and register for a library card.

Author: Northern Lights Library System


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