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Mango Language Learning

Posted on ago

We  have language learning software: Mango Languages.   Access their tutorials in over 38 languages from home!  Click here for a patron brochure.

Theft and Vandalism in the Library

Posted on ago

Theft and vandalism in the library – by librarians! You wouldn’t steal someone’s purse. You wouldn’t shoplift from a store. You definitely don’t come in to work with a can of spray paint and damage municipal property. And yet some of you unintentionally commit theft and vandalism in the workplace!   Before you go shaking your heads and thinking I’m talking about someone else, take a look at the software you have downloaded onto your c... More...

Videoconferencing for Libraries

Posted on ago

 Videoconferencing for Libraries   Before coming to Alberta I had not heard anything about videoconferencing in libraries.  Soon, however, I began hearing about the RISE project which attempts to “link southern Alberta communities of all sizes in a library-based videoconference network.” 1 While on van run I saw a videoconference room in a couple of our libraries, and here at headquarters videoconferencing has a room to itself (while employees are doubled up in of... More...
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