Polaris Upgrade

A Polaris Upgrade is scheduled for April 19th and will impact the availability of TRAcpac and a selection of eResources.

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Send us a message to get in touch with us for any comments, concerns, or questions you may have.

  1-800-561-0387 or 1-780-724-2596

NLLS is experiencing issues with the current phone system.  We thank you for your patience during this time.


James MacDonald, Executive Director

780-724-2596 ext. 2112

cell: 780-545-5072


Tracy Paradis, Administrative Assistant

780-724-2596 ext. 2100


Heather Elliott, Marketing Specialist

cell: 780-227-6051



Operations & Finance Services

Terri Hampson, Operations & Finance Services Manager 

780-724-2596 ext 2110

cell: 780-545-4169


Crystal Boorse, Library Operations Specialist

780-724-2596 ext. 2149


Dolores Zacharuk, Library Operations Specialist

780-724-2596 ext. 2141


Paul Kosa, Library Operations Specialist

780-724-2596 ext. 2145 


Tara Campbell, Library Operations Specialist

780-724-2596 ext. 2146 


Joanne McBroom, Van Driver

cell: 780-853-3304


Susan Frisby, Van Driver 

cell: 780-227-6334


Travis Hymanyk, Van Driver

cell: 780-545-7113


Technology Services & Infrastructure

Vacant, Technology Services & Infrastructure Manager


Kelly McGrath, Microsoft Systems Administrator

780-724-2596 ext. 2125

cell: 780-545-4171


Jodi Arrowsmith, Network Analyst

780-724-2596 ext. 2126 

cell: 780-227-5090


Brandon Ziomek, Desktop Support Technician

780-724-2596 ext. 2127


Vacant, Web Development Specialist


Member Library Services

Jessie Morris, Member Library Services Manager

780-724-2596 ext. 2130

cell: 780-614-5342


Kayla Reddecliff, Member Library Services Consultant

cell: 780-545-4168


Michelle Terriss, Member Library Services Consultant

780-724-2596 ext. 2134

cell: 780-545-8740


Joanne Knysh, Librarian Consultant, Team Lead-Collections

780-724-2596 ext. 2132

cell: 780-545-9845


Diane Babcock, Acquisitions

780-724-2596 ext. 2148


Ashley Weisbeck, Cataloguer

780-724-2596 ext. 2143


Darby Mackay, Cataloguer

780-724-2596 ext. 2142


Rhonda Cusack, Member Library Services Clerk

780-724-2596 ext. 2144


Mary Dustow, Indigenous Relations Advisor


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Fax: (780) 724-2597

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