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What’s the difference between the TAL card and a ME account?

     ME Card

  •      Patrons can use their home library cards at other libraries.
  •      Libraries must treat ME patrons like local cardholders in terms of the number and format of physical items they are allowed to check out.
  •      Patrons can sign up online (if they are 18 yrs or older), and this can be done on the spot when the patron visits any library. Patrons under 18 require parental consent and therefore cannot register online, but must go into the library and register in person.

     Can only be used at participating public libraries in Alberta.

     TAL Card
  •      A maximum of five books may be checked out with a TAL Card (some libraries may allow more than this).
  •      Patrons must obtain a valid TAL Card from their home library in advance.

     Can be used at academic and special libraries as well as public libraries.

How do I treat a ME patron?

A patron who has signed up with TRAC on the ME website will already be in Polaris. Simply scan the patron’s home library card’s barcode in order to check items out – you do not need to register the patron manually.

When adult patrons have not already signed up on the ME website, they can do this on a public computer at the library. Staff should help patrons get started by taking them to Staff should only do the registration on a patron’s behalf if the patron has agreed to the terms and conditions. Note that it may take a few minutes for the registration to take effect.

• Make sure the patron belongs to a participating library – not all libraries in Alberta participate in ME. Non –participants are: La Crete, Fort Vermilion, Veteran, Willingdon, and Zama.

• Note that NLLS has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Lloydminster and libraries within the Lakeland Library Region in Saskatchewan. Patrons from these areas are not eligible for ME services, but should be registered as “Reciprocal” patrons in the database. Materials loaned shall be subjected to the regulations of the lending library. Materials can be returned at any library within the two systems.

What are the ME account eligibility requirements?

A patron must have a valid resident card in good standing from a participating Alberta library.