Session C

Friday September 21, 10:45 am - 12:00 pm


Grants in Your Library
Maureen Penn, Lac La Biche County Libraries
Tracy Woloshyniuk, Newbrook Public Library

Are you perplexed by the grant application process? Would you like to give your grant applications an edge? In this session, we will share tips and tricks that have aided our libraries to rise above the other applicants to receive funding. Behind any successful fundraising project, is relationship building. Find the resources needed, and match your programming needs to their funding interests


Create Audiobooks and Build Communities
Sabina Iseli-Otto, NNELS

Audiobook recording provides libraries with an exciting, collaborative, and low-barrier way to build community, and the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) now has audio recording kits to lend to any public library in Canada! Interested in learning more? This session will outline how to launch an audio-book recording project in an Alberta public library, get access to a kit, and make sure the project gets off the ground and works. We will also collaborate on the spot to record part of a children’s book for the NNELS collection!


Library Boards and Councils: Building a Great Relationship
Ken Allan, PLSB

Are you a new councillor on your municipal library board? Have you never quite understood how boards and councils are supposed to relate to each other? Come to this session and learn about the ways in which library boards and municipal councils can interact with each other under the Libraries Act, and the roles that library boards and municipal councils play in developing a beneficial and productive relationship.


Moving in Space: Community Theatre
Melvin and Rosa John, Kehewin Native Dance Theatre

This session allows participants to discover how to safely use their body and voice in a collective/co-operative style. Improvisational games, Character/Scene and Story creation all come together to create a workshop filled with laughter, thought, self and group analysis and a realization of the power of words and movement to create positive change.