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Member Libraries

Funding for NLLS has been established with municipal and provincial governments, so that membership is available to any citizen living in an NLLS community. Limited library membership is also offered to residents of non-participating municipalities for an annual fee. Each participating municipality appoints a representative to the Northern Lights Library Board, which sets policy on the operation of the system.

Library Member Map

Our current members are shown below:

 Family & Community


Member Municipalities within Northern Lights which do not operate a library board

Beaver County

Smoky Lake County

Sturgeon County

County of Minburn

County of Two Hills

County of Vermilion River

Municipal District of Wainwright

Summer Village of Island Lake

Summer Village of Mewatha Beach

Summer Village of Pelican Narrows

Summer Village of Sunset Beach

Summer Village of Bondiss

Summer Village of Whipering Hills

Summer Village of Island Lake South