Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

This resource, produced by Canadian Geographic, offers readers a broad introduction to the history and culture of Indigenous people living in Canada.

First Nation Profiles Interactive Map

This map shows the Treaty Territory, Reserve Communities, Metis Settlement Communities and more.

Alberta Indigenous Relations Interactive Map

1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus

This series is available to Canadians on the APTN website.


Kehewin Native Dance Theatre

Canada’s most celebrated Native Dance Theatre, founded in 1991 by Melvin and Rosa John. KNDT is Native Theatre, Dance and Storytelling. It is community workshops, interactive performances and classroom visits.

Think Before You Appropriate: Things to know and questions to ask in order to avoid misappropriating Indigenous cultures.

Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage Project, 2015. Simon Fraser University: Vancouver

Think Indigenous Education Conference Videos Archive

A video archive of presentations in Indigenous Knowledge, Story and Education.