Maureader's Map

MauREADer's Map

Maureader's Map: Reconnaissance

Sign up at your Ministry Headquarters (disguised as the library) to begin investigating strange occurrences in your area.

Maureader's Map: Capture a Creature

A number of magical creatures have escaped in this area, and some are posing as regular plants and animals. Find the creatures before muggles spot them!

Maureader's Map: Potions

Potions have been behaving strangely. Investigate by testing recipes and identifying potion ingredients to find out what is causing them to go awry!

Maureader's Map: Time Travel

The department of temporal anomalies has detected alterations to the timeline. Go back in time to discover what should have happened, and what has been changed!

Maureader's Map: Mischief Managed

Misters Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are stepping in to save you from the stuffy old Ministry.