Reading Challenges


There are three different reading challenge booklets for you to choose from. Catch books and Pokémon with the Bibliodex, find your way to a wizarding adventure using the MauREADer’s Map, or tick off lines in Library Bingo! 

Pick up a booklet at the library or print them off here. Complete the missions to be entered for one $100 gift card from one of the following companies:  

  • Iron Dog Books 
  • Edge Game Stop 
  • Kokum Scrunchies 
  • Mastermind Toys 
  • Band Camp 
  • MEC 
  • Dilly Dally Toys 
  • Funique 


Each booklet or bingo line completed counts as one entry, for a total of five possible entries. You can bring the booklets into the library or send an email to your librarian to let them know you’ve completed it. Be sure to tell them your library card number so that we know who to send the prizes to! Use the hashtag #GoReadNLLS to join the fun posting about your summer adventures. 


Augmented Reality/Niantic Games Competition

Do you know a perfect spot for a Pokéstop in Pokémon: GO!? How about a tower or a greenhouse in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Maybe a portal in Ingress Prime? No matter what level you are at in your favourite augmented reality game, you can submit a location to us to be added to it and win weekly prizes of stickers, posters, packs and more from Niantic!