Session D

Friday September 21, 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm


Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable discussions provide a more personal and interactive settings and are an ideal format for networking and in-depth discussion on a particular topic. Numerous roundtable discussions take place simultaneously in the same area. Please join us and table hopping is permittable!
• Happy Harbor
• Indigenous
• Marketing and Social Media


Passive Programming: Programs so Much Fun They Run Themselves
Stuart S. Pauls, Vermilion Public Library

Passive programs at Vermilion Library are offered in a small designated space and completed by users on their own time, whenever they happen to visit the library. These low budget and less staff intensive programs show a more playful side of the library and help us meet our service goal of providing a welcoming place. This session will get you ready to run your own passive programs and discuss how they could work in your library.


Grant Anatomy: Dissecting the Provincial Operating Grant and the Application Process
Jen Anderson, PLSB

Every public and system library board in Alberta is eligible to receive provincial funding from the Public Library Service Branch in the form of an operating grant to assist with operating costs. This session will review the funding structure for public libraries in Alberta, give an overview of the provincial operating grant program for municipal libraries and provide useful techniques to make sure that the application process is a breeze!


Libraries in Community Spaces: Services to Patrons on Reserves and Settlements
Christine Pilkington, Cold Lake Public Library

In 2017 Cold Lake Public Library started offering a Pop-Up Library service at several locations in our region, including Cold Lake First Nations, Elizabeth Métis Settlement, and the Cold Lake Native Friendship Centre. We currently offer weekly services to each of these locations, with a rotating collection of materials for all ages, on-the-spot memberships, and ILL delivery. This session will show how the program got started, how it grew over the first year, and how it continues to evolve. We will share what we’ve learned so far about the practical aspects of being a traveling library, as well as about building relationships with the communities we serve. Learn some tips and ideas on how to begin offering a similar service in your region, or, if you’re already doing that, please bring your own experiences to share during our discussion!