Session B

Friday September 21, 9:00 am - 10:15 am


Polaris Basic
Jodi Dahlgren, Wainwright Public Library

Are you new to Polaris? Are you looking for some ideas to streamline your workflow? This session will delve into check in/out, patron registration, the find tool and more. Come armed with your questions and be prepared to take home some treasures that you can quickly implement to make your library the best that it can be for your patrons.


MakerSpace Collections
Maureen Penn,  Lac La Biche County Libraries
What is a makerspace collection? How do they circulate? Why add them to our collection? We wanted to jump right in, purchase everything and try it all. But when building the collection we found the best course of action was to slow our pace down and start with a few types. In this presentation we will share some ideas on how to start, cataloguing, tracking kit pieces, plus how to tailor it to your library member’s needs and your Plan of Service.


Trustee Connect
Dr. Tanya Pollard, Alberta Library Trustees Association

Join Dr. Tanya Pollard, President of the Alberta Library Trustees’ Association for an open and candid discussion about all things related to being a Library Trustee. Have a question? We can help you find your answers. Have a story to share? A cautionary tale? A rousing success? An epic battle saga? Come and share your story with other like-minded folks and leave with some new stories to take home with you. Trustee Connect is the place to CONNECT with other trustees in a relaxed, straightforward setting.


Unlimited Leadership: Role Modelling, Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Debra deWaal, Safe and Sound

Do the people around you see you as a pillar of strength – a role be respected? Come and explore what it takes to model and inspire success in others. In this dynamic session Debra deWaal, a former Calgary Police Officer will motivate you to be the role model you want other to see. Learn three powerful steps to become the best leader, parent, friend, co-worker, sibling, coach or spouse you can be. Make your imprint in the lives around you and discover the secrets to becoming someone’s hero.