Session A

Thursday September 20, 1:00pm - 4:00 pm


VDX Basics Workshop
Trevor Hatfield, Chinook Arch Regional Library System

In this session trainer(s) from Chinook Arch will walk you through the basics of using VDX. Processes outlined will include: navigation of the work queue, the steps involved in the life cycle of a request, and what to do when you run into trouble. This practical session is aimed at library staff who use and want to improve, or who are new to VDX. Bring your questions and we can work through them together. By the end of the session attendees should have more confidence using this tool and know what to do when they are stuck.


Everything Books: Buying & Shipping
Diane Babcock and Crystal Boorse, NLLS

The acquisitions part of this session will give you an understanding of how NLLS can help you get the right materials for your library! We will discuss funds, online shopping and carts, importance of collection codes and profiles, shelf locations, and different ways of requesting materials. For beginners and pros alike! There will be time for Q&A so feel free to bring all of your questions. The shipping section will discuss shipping tips from NLLS on protecting your library material while being shipped.


Safe in Your Space Workshop
Debra deWaal, Safe and Sound

During the workshop, personal safety planning and situational awareness will look at how to handle the ultimate ‘what if’ situation, predictors to violence, and safe physical place. You will also learn about verbal conflict management: tools to effectively and safely de-escalate potentially volatile encounters, how to judge what the appropriate reaction is to each situation, how to maintain excellent customer service while keeping themselves and other safe and conflict management model (LEARN)