Guest Speaker - Jim Miller

November 21 @ 5:00 there will be a potluck and meeting at the Mannawanis Friendship Center in St. Paul, featuring Mr. Miller, who will share his experience with us in organizing a reconciliation/forgiveness action in Minnesota. People are encouraged to watch the documentary that shows and eloquently explains the spirit and intent of this amazing activity that Mr. Miller continues to organize and support.

Remembrance Day Poem

by Chief Stacey LaForme, as read by R.H. Thompson on CBC's Sunday Edition, November 5, 2017.


Library Service at Saddle Lake Cree Nation!

kâ-nîmihtocik ayamihcikêwikamikohk wiyascikêwin or the Northern Lights Library System is happy to work in collaboration with the Saddle Lake Post Secondary to provide on-site library service to local residents on a weekly basis.

Every Friday in Saddle Lake
10:00 am to 12:30 pm
at the complex/arena lobby, in Saddle Lake
Book Drop at the Education Office - available during office hours.

In addition to providing access to books your library card will open doors to e-resources and data bases pertaining to: teacher resources, small engine repair, genealogy, resume building, magazines and more…

Everyone is welcome.
Children require their parent’s or guardian’s signature.

For more information call Tanya (Niska) at 780-724-2596 extension 2133
kâ-nîmihtocik ayamihcikêwikamikohk wiyascikêwin

Library Service at Goodfish Lake Cree Nation

September 6, 2017 library service started in the Band Office foyer at Goodfish Lake.
Library service is from 11:00 am. to 2:00 pm. Every Wednesday.

July 2017 - Indigenous Services Update

Library Service started at Saddle Lake Cree Nation on May 26th of 2017. There have been just over 100 patrons who have signed up for a library card since opening day which seems like a remarkable success. The barriers to library access created by the “non-resident user fee” were removed in the fall of 2016, (this fee applied to people living on a First Nations Reserve or Metis Settlement, and made the cost of a library card $60 or more for those First Nations and Metis people) yet there is much work to be done in getting the word out and building relationships.

Library service is also happening in Cold Lake First Nation, Elizabeth Settlement and Heart Lake First Nation.

Tanya Fontaine
Indigenous Services Library Liaison