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We welcome everyone interested in this site to contact us.
To email NLLS please use our EMAIL US form or use our Help Desk

   For VDX support, please contact Kayla (extension below).

  1-800-561-0387 or 1-780-724-2596

Staff Directory

   Julie Walker Executive Director ext. 2112
   Lois Quail Assistant Director ext. 2105
   Tracy Paradis
Administrative Assistant ext. 2100
   Terri Hampson Finance Officer ext. 2110
   Heather Elliott Marketing and Communications Manager ext. 2140
Information Technologies
   Kelly McGrath
IT Manager ext. 2125
   Jodi Arrowsmith
Network Analyst ext. 2126
   Brandon Ziomek
IT Assistant ext. 2127
Public Services
   Kayla Lorenzen
Public Services Consultant ext. 2131
   CJ Nyssen
Public Services Consultant ext. 2132
Bibliographic and Delivery Department
   Dolores Zacharuk
Receiving ext. 2141
   Darby Mackay Cataloguing ext. 2142
   Margaret Young Cataloguing ext. 2143
   Rhonda Cusack
Cataloguing ext. 2144
   Paul Kosa Processing ext. 2145
   Joanne McBroom Driver ext. 2146
   Susan Frisby
Driver/Shipping Assistant ext. 2147
   Diane Babcock Acquisitions Specialist ext. 2148
   Crystal Boorse Shipping Coordinator ext. 2149




If you come across any problems with the Polaris system, or if you cannot access the Polaris system, please call the after-hours emergency phone number.
After-Hours Emergency Phone:  1-877-452-8722
Leave a voice message so that support staff can contact you about your problem.  When leaving a voice message, please provide as much information as possible, including your name, the library, and your telephone number.
After-Hours Emergency Support is only available during the following times:
Monday to Thursday
4:30pm – 8:00pm
4:30pm – 6:00pm
9:00am – 5:00pm
1:00pm – 5:00pm
Please call the emergency support number if a problem is encountered within these covered time periods as noted below that result in a library being unable to carry out critical functions.  Critical functions are defined as:
  • Login
  • Check out/in
  • TRACpac searching
  • Patron registration


Legitimate emergencies include the inability to login to Polaris or check in/out items.  In this circumstance, call the after-hours phone line.  A problem with a single item is not an emergency.  Problems that are not emergencies should be directed to system headquarters staff the next business day.  If you have a record lock that is not preventing you from carrying out critical functions, there is no need to contact after hours emergency support.